Thursday, April 9, 2009

National Name Youself Day.............

April 9th, 2009 - Today is National Name Yourself Day

and NOW the picture above is starting to make a bit more sense.

but you are still wondering to yourself......."a blonde in lingerie with THAT name.....really?"

And to you I say.................HELL YEAH!!! I always wanted to be a blonde, look THIS good as a plus size lady AND have a kick ass stripper name!

Today was the day.....So for the rest of the day you all have to call me by my new name......

Violet Von Buditas

Has a nice ring doesn't it? I think so!

Won't you come celebrate today with me? Pretty Please????

Leave a comment with your "new name" and an explanation of why you chose it!!!

I cannot wait!!!

On other topics:
I survived my first day back at work - it was actually awesome to be back and to see everyone!

Upon returning and putting my purse away, I received a card from my very dear friend and co-worker, Jenny (you better be coming up with a new name Jenny!!!)

I have to share this card with you all because it is SOOOOO incredibly fabulous and honestly it almost made me have to turn around to go home and change my panties (laughed that hard)

In order to share it...I had to do a cut/paste/scan jobby......but I am sure you will get the idea!
Here it is:

Don't ya just love it? I did! And boy oh boy could I relate!!!
If you knew our boss you would completely understand.

Not much else to share....and anyway this post is mostly my extremely dorky attempts
at sucking you all into my twisted little world -

So What will YOUR new name be??????????


1 comment:

Beautiful Mess said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHA that card is AWESOME! I did an online name generator once and I was "Za Za La Whore". lol I thought it was fitting. SO I'll be that today. For a few reasons, a whore does NOT clean the oven, and I'd like to pretend I'm someone else while doing it today. A whore sounds like a fun job to have. As long AS there will be no diseases given to me and I am treated like a I think it's a good gig, how about you? :o)