Sunday, April 12, 2009

Show & Tell - April 12th 2009

Welcome one - Welcome all

It's that time again.....

Your weekly Show & Tell

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Such an errand filled weekend!!! Took care of lots of stuff around the house yesterday.

Since we don't celebrate Easter Sunday and I had missed spending Passover with family this week, Jim and I decided to go down and spend the day with my parents in Akron today.

We left really early this morning....6:30am (Yuck!) made our Dunkin Donuts run for coffee & donuts and headed on our way.

This has been the first real lengthy outing I have had since my surgery so I was definitely ready.

Mom and I had planned to do some serious cooking all morning while the boys did their own thing. Mostly, we just like to keep them out of the kitchen while we are baking!

Mom and I tackled making some "killer brisket" and several pounds of her homemade macaroni & cheese (which ROCKS by the way) We ended up with about 5 meals a piece to freeze.
It is so very nice to put these in the freezer and have them to just pop in the oven when I don't feel like cooking!

Later in the afternoon, all of us sat in front of Dad's big screen TV watching
The Cavaliers VS The Celtics ( We whooped some serious Celtics butts!! WOOHOO!!!)

I don't have anything too amazing for SHOW & TELL today but
I did happen to take a few pics of "the boys" and my parents' dog Max sitting together.

It always makes me smile to see my dad and my husband together!

Have I mentioned just how much they are like one another? Well they are!
Quite a bit alike.....from their business sense, to their stubborness, to them both being color-blind and balding, to their incredibly warm hearts, etc.
This list is much longer but you get the point!

And yes I am quite aware of the whole "Freudian girls want to marry their daddy" thing.
It is what it is! are a few pics of "the boys"

Hoping everyone had a fantastic holiday!!!!!



Candice said...

I hope you had a great day. How wonderful that your dad and husband have so much in common. It always helps when they get along lol!

leahjane8 said...

Sounds like a great day. Mac and cheese is one of my favorites. I love it when my husband and my dada hang out too. Its a nice feeling.

WiseGuy said...


Your Dad and Hubby get along so well, that is so good! Max is a cutie!

Kristin said...

It sounds like a wonderful day.