Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chubby is as chubby does..............

So yesterday, Jim and I make our evening trek out to pick up our dinners....................
Sushi for me and McDonald's for him.

We are catching up on our day while in the truck and roll up to the drive-thru window at McDonald's to order.

Before Jim can say a word.....a woman's voice comes over the speaker saying the following......
"Welcome to McDonald's....who you be interested in adding a snack wrap and/or making your value meal a large for only an additional .99 cents?"

I say to him....."crap...I didn't know they added a camera to the drive-thru speaker area so that they can size up the customers..........what? Did they see the chubby couple pull up and think ......YES, We hit the jackpot!!!" "Are they adding extra fries and apple pies to the fryer as we speak?" "NICE!!!"

I think they should name the camera "the McChubby Cam"...........
"This way they can gear their add on sales to the specific customer - salad & parfaits for the skinny folk and super-size big mac meals w/ apple pies for the "larger than life" crowd!

This prompted a 10 minute barrage of jokes to one another while getting his food!!!!!!!

Gotta love it!!!

As for my week of far so good....but I want to continue on this trend.
So here goes:

1. Going back to work and being missed
2. The snow is gone and the sun is out
3. That Jim and I found an old family tree in his fathers goes back to 1690 (cool eh?)
4. That yesterday I was able to re-connect with an old counselor who now happens to be working in an Adoption agency (she is sending me info)
5. That Jim was given more responsibility at work and with it came an unexpected raise!!!
6. That I am feeling good physically, mentally, and spiritually today
7. That today is the start of Passover (click on it to get an explanation if you are so inclined)
8. That we have done excellent in sales on ebay lately
9. That I got my hair done and my gray is gone ( DOUBLE WOOT!!!)
10. That the young man who works at the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru window makes my
coffee PERFECTLY every time!!!

There it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Beautiful Mess said...

Good list! YAY for a raise, getting your hair done AND coffee...those are the ones that stuck out for me. Mainly the coffee one, but I did remember the other two ;o) I'm in a mood today, so I think I'll have to make my own list, maybe it'll improve my mood. It's worth a shot, eh?

womb for improvement said...

Sounds like a lot to be grateful for!

Love the idea of McD employees being so on the ball that they (literally) size up their customers. I mean, surely that implies some kind of initiative.