Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oh crap I forgot ....grateful grateful grateful

So I just realized that in my excitement over having a new name for the day, that I completely forgot to post my gratitude list.....Getting old sucks dingleberries!

Today I am grateful for:
1. My king size foam topped mattress which is the bomb!
2. That I have not gained any weight while going through all my surgery (Thank GOD!)
3. That I actually like the taste of matzoh that we eat during Passover.
4. That it was sunny and warm enough yesterday to be able to cook some hamburgers
on the grill.
5. That my husband loves my boobs and butt! (baby got back!)
6. That my Cat "Baby" still comes up daily and does the "paw paw" dance on me.
7. That we have two running vehicles.
8. That I still have both of my wonderful parents around to annoy!
9. That I will always be younger than my brothers (I'm the baby and the only girl- WOOT!)
10. That you are all still probably reading my blog despite the insanity contained within!



Beautiful Mess said...

Mmmmmmm my bed. I *big puffy* heart my bed. Great list, as always and i hope your day is FANTASTIC!!!

mekate said...

Hi, um, Violet!? Thank you for making me smile each time I come by your blog, and thank you for being so sweet and supportive of me as I wrangle with my demons. I've given you a sisterhood award on my soon-to-be-posted blog. Wishing you all the best, Kate