Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Can Kittens have A.D.D.?????

Someone should have warned us about the energy a 7 wk old kitten has once she is feeling better!!! OMG - can you say Spasticat? I thought you could!!!
She is literally all over the place.
It's hilarious to watch her go bananas for an hour and then as quickly as she started, she nods off into a power kitty nap!

Her upper respiratory infection is all gone and her eye is nearly healed thank goodness!
( It only took two trips to the vet and $151.00 later)

Let me also share that our Zoey is quite the eater.....when we took her to the vet a week and a half ago, she weighed exactly 1lb. The other day hubby took her upstairs and put her on our postal scale ...........................wait for it...............wait for it..............................................................

She weighed 1lb 6.2oz - YES you heard right....she gained 6.2oz in just one week.
And here I was all worried about her not eating the first few days we had her - Sheesh!!!
What was I thinking????

She has generally spent the last few days being a total terror to our other cat "Baby"

Apparently she does not quite understand that when Baby hisses, growls or bats at her that he is trying to scare her off. She thinks this is "fun" and "playtime" and continues to just follow Baby around everywhere he roams!!! It's like the little sister just following her older brother everywhere until he yells at her to go home!!! (except she doesn't listen very well)

I decided that staying in yesterday's funk was nothing but tiresome and futile.

Today brought a slightly improved mood and outlook.

Still not happy about what is going on with my body however I am trying to honor it no matter
where I am at. That is such a tough thing. I have never been too good to my body.

Maybe it's time I start.

I did convince hubby to take a short walk with me after dinner....figured the exercise and fresh air couldn't hurt!! It felt pretty good.

One small step at a time I guess.......wish I could just make one big leap and everything would be great.

Alas, that has never been the path that has been laid out for me.
Probably a really good reason for that too!

Betcha I would have missed a lot along the way......YEAH...I am sure I would have missed a lot!

Next week starts our adoption/foster classes......
Feels like a mixed bag of emotions with that.


and so on.............

Trying to just be present for today......
That is so hard!!!



Beautiful Mess said...

LOL @ Spasticat!! I know EXACTLY what you mean! Since misery loves company, I'll let you know that my day wasn't much better. Although I think we're in for a change. Why? Because I said SO, dammit! Glad your little Zoey is feeling better and back to terrorizing Baby. Those poor older much more mature cats don't know how to have fun. Staying in the present is easy to say, yet hard to do. I have faith that you can do it, though!

Anonymous said...

Spasticat is so freaking adorable.

I want to say more, but I'm in the worst mood today - I just wanted you to know that I'm glad you're feeling a little better.
**Big Hug For BOTH OF US**