Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just trying to stay grateful....

So trying to keep it grateful............Shit that is hard...........really, really HARD!!!

But I am not a quitter so in that vain.....I am going to give it my best shot!

1. Despite this wretched economy..........I have a job that I love to go back to tomorrow!!!!
2. I am learning patience, diligence and faith on this TTC journey.
3. My husband still makes me laugh just about every day.....Thank God!!!
4. Most of my friends are at least as twisted and "off" as I am.....Thank God again!!!!
5. I have an unbelievably supportive loving family!
6. I am well over five years clean & sober.....God willing.
7. I have four amazingly adorable and precocious nephews whom I adore.
8. For today....................my body is healthy.
9. Dunkin donuts coffee is the nectar of the God's!
10. I am still hopeful that Jim and I will be parents soon!

There you have it folks........

And just because it's me and I can.................
SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT on this weather!!! WTF? Snow in April?
We get it Mother Nature....You are the Queen....we understand.....now ENOUGH ALREADY!

(Hey, I told you being grateful is hard!)

(And NO...I am NOT going to be grateful for the "beautiful crisp snow" because I hate it!)

(And Don't any of you DARE to leave me a comment saying otherwise or else I will personally load up a truck of this miserable white stuff and dump it on your porch so you can't get out!)

SO THERE!!! Tthhhhhhpppppptttt!!!
Enough of that rant!

On a completely side note.....Jim and I are going to an informational seminar on adoption tonight.
We thought at least getting some info might be a good start.
It's funny though..........I am actually a bit nervous!!!
Maybe after going through all the fertility treatments, there is a part of me that is sad about leaving it all behind.
Maybe it's the thought of not "qualifying" to be an adoptive parent that scares me.
Maybe it's the thought that even "this" may not work and we will be childless.

Uggghhhh - so many thoughts and feelings.
If any of you out there in blog-land are going through or have been through this whole adoption process....I would totally WELCOME any and all advice you could offer.



Beautiful Mess said...

Just because I want you to come to my house...Oh geez be thankful for the snow ;o) lol I'll buy ya a coffee, we don't have a Dunkin Donuts anywhere close but we do have Dutch Brothers or we can go to that little cafe where they have those "special" mugs I posted about. Your list was great! If you let out all your negative thoughts, you have room for positive ones! My therapist told me something like that. It was HIS fault, not mine, hit him.

Jenn said...

.....am currently loading up my tractor trailer full of snow and headed your way Beautiful Mess!!!
You asked for it! Thhhppppttt!!!

After I dump all that snow on ya, we can certainly head out for coffee!!!