Sunday, April 5, 2009

Show & Tell - I can't keep surprises....

Yes is that time again!

Time for our weekly
Show & Tell a la Mel

Head over to Stirrup Queens and Don't forget to check out what everyone else is showing at
the front of class..........You don't want to miss it!

So I was going to try and hold out with the surprise I had for you all BUT to be perfectly honest
I not great with secrets!!!

So in that vain.......I decided to give in to my inner 5th grader and just put it all out there!

Somewhere in the last month, in the midst of my continuing baby-longing angst, hubby
decided to have the following conversation with me:
Jim: "hey hon, have you thought about getting another pet?"

Me: " ummmm no"

Jim: "Cuz I was just thinking that maybe we could get another pet"

Me: "ummmm, I really hadn't given it much thought. Did you have something in mind?"

Jim: "Well I really don't want a have to give them too much care and can't leave them alone long" ( with that comment - I can't wait til we have a baby in the house folks)

Me: "So you were actually thinking about getting another cat?"

Jim: " yeah....why?"

Me: "Ummmm have you looked at our Babycat lately? Not exactly what you would call the 'poster child' of good cats" ( at which point we both nod vigorously and burst into a fit of giggles)

Jim: "I just thought getting another cat might cheer us all up" (translation= I am trying to fill your baby void by giving you an animal to take care of dear!)

Me: "Okay...I guess we could do that....but I think I want a kitten and not a cat"

Jim: "Sounds good to me"

This conversation is followed by several weeks of us visiting numerous local Humane Society websites online to check out what's available as well as me avidly researching how to gently
integrate a new kitten into a household that already has an adult cat (OY VEY!!!)

So fast forward to yesterday morning.

Jim and I are discussing whether or not to paint the paneling in the house. (It's a very
old house and the paneling makes the place look pretty dark)
We had pretty much decided we wanted to go ahead with this project so Jim calls up our very
favorite handyman, Chris to discuss this!

Just an aside - Chris has put in our dishwasher, re-done our entire front porch, put in a new front door, and helped fix MANY MANY little things around the house (he is a gem!)

Jim starts chatting with Chris about the painting job and when he could come over to give us an estimate. Jim explains to Chris that we are going out that afternoon to the Humane Society to look for a kitten and that if he wants to come over it will have to be much later in the day.

All of a sudden, I hear Jim go...."oh really.....mmm hmmm....I see"

Jim says "hey hon.....guess what......Chris's cat just had kittens a month ago and he is trying to find homes for them" (at which point I start to jump up and down in an excited kid-like state)

So making a long story short (sorry for the length folks but it IS my blog -thhhthhhhhhtppppt!!!)
Chris comes over yesterday morning with one of his little friends tucked into his jacket.

She is 4wks old and we won't be able to bring her home with us for a week or two.
She has to be weaned first!

So for your viewing pleasure and much to my utter delight.....
I present...........................................



Beautiful Mess said...

OMG Zoey is SO cute! Awwww kitten fur! WOW, that's two new fur babies on S&T this week. How exciting. Congratulations, Zoey! You're gonna have a GREAT new home!

Bottoms Off said...

so cute. I love her eyes.

sunflowerchilde said...

OMG!!!! She is SO CUTE! You are making me really want a kitten now ... too bad my cat would NEVER accept it. I'm so jealous!

Malky B. said...

So cute! What a little fur ball.

Queenie. . . said...

Talk about meant to be! And she is GORGEOUS!

Felicia said...

Zoey is sooo cute!! I am not really a cat person but I so want one now after seeing her. Just do not think my dogs would like it too much.

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, no. Too much cute for me. I don't think I can handle it. Wow. Between that and the new puppy on S&T I'm in overload. That is one cute kitty.

I want a kitty. Too bad the dog would think it is just a squeaky toy.

Cara said...

Oh - Zoey is so darn cute. I have FIVE of those little sweeties up in our daughter's bedroom. Yup - one week old today. No homes on the horizon...looks like we have six cats now.

Cara said...

Oh - Zoey is so darn cute. I have FIVE of those little sweeties up in our daughter's bedroom. Yup - one week old today. No homes on the horizon...looks like we have six cats now.

Kristin said...

Oh she is the cutest thing!

beebles said...

look at those eyes!

battynurse said...

Awwwww! I love kitties. Such a cute one.

Raggedy Ann said...

what a gorgeous kitten! I want one too!

WiseGuy said...

Zoey is too cute really...and looks naughty! Oh sweetness, you have a handsome one there!

Anonymous said...

She's adorable!

Cassandra said...

She is stunning! Enjoy!