Saturday, May 2, 2009

Show & Tell - Revisiting our honeymoon!!!

It's that time again folks.........Saturday.........time for SHOW & TELL a la MEL

Don't forget to pop on over to STIRRUP QUEENS to check out what all the other kids
are showing (totally worth won't be disappointed!!!)))

Not much excitement going on today....spent the morning with hubby lumping in our
respective recliner chairs.

Our two fur babies spent the morning torturing each other by playing "King of the couch"
Don't believe I can call a winner as they both got in some great wallops along the way.

As hubby and I were sitting there, watching and laughing at the kitties....I had a quiet moment of clarity. It was not a huge thunderbolt or massive epiphany.
It was one of those soft and simple moments where a great thought comes to you.

For me it was the thought that I need to continue to live fully and completely
even without a child!

I feel like I kind of stalled my life for a while....waiting, hoping, praying.
I have a pretty great life as it is.
I have an incredible husband, wonderful home, adorable fur babies, fantastic job,
great friends, amazing family...etc. etc. etc.
Have I been enjoying it? Have I been experiencing it?
Not like I should have!!!!

So in that vain......I made a decision to start today.
Not a huge decision....but a decision nonetheless!!!!

Thus bringing us to..........

I finally did it.........I went upstairs....into the depths of my closet and pulled out the
ever sacred white and red bag that has been hanging in there ever since our
honeymoon in Atlantic City.

I brought that bad boy downstairs and opened it.
Took out the elegant tissue-wrapped prize inside.
Gently tore open the sticker on the tissue and unwrapped my special prize!!
The prize that I had been saving for that "special event" or that "perfect moment"

OHHHHH - it is truly even MORE beautiful than I remember!!!!!
The new leather and suede smelled amazing!
The size and shape seemed to have been made JUST for me.
The new gold zippers and snaps gleamed brightly at me as if to say....
"you did the right thing by breaking me out of the closet!"

Here for your viewing pleasure ladies and gentlemen........I PRESENT......


Isn't it pretty? I think so!! I remember falling in love with the patchwork design.
I distinctly remember the moment hubby smiled at me as he slid it off my shoulder and
lovingly took it up to the sales counter to have it rung up.
What a man!!!
Makes me laugh AND buys me Coach!!! Doesn't get much better than that!

I truly do love him and feel am beyond blessed to have him in my life!

So there you have it folks....not only did I break her out of hiding......but I actually cleaned out
the old Coach purse and loaded up the new one!

Even took her for a spin while shopping this morning.
What a great feeling having her hanging off my shoulder.
THANKS BEAR - I love ya!

And just because I am a Tried and True FUR MAMA..........

The latest update on Zoey is that she is now 1lb. 11oz. - almost doubled her weight
in two weeks. Had to do some googling to make sure that was within normal range.
(it is by the way - whew!!!) Thought we might be having to do weight watchers with her!!!!

Here is a pic of Zoey getting into the OLD COACH PURSE......

I Plan on enjoying that purse to it's fullest! Hopefully every time I look at it, I will try and
remember to keep living my life. Whether I have a child or not. I don't want life to pass me
by. I don't want to miss all the good stuff out there.

Hopefully I will be carrying that purse the day we go to pick up our own child BUT in the meantime......I will look DAMN good carrying it either way!!!!



Cassandra said...

Gorgeous! Carry it in happiness and good health.

Candice said...

Congrats on the moment of clarity. I love the purse!

GINA and KEV said...

I love the shiny pearl color, and I especially love that it doesn't have the word "COACH" or the emblem plastered all over it.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic epiphany to have! I recently decided to refuse to keep my life on hold with TTC too...and it is LIBERATING!

And I can't believe you hid that bag away for so long!

Today was the perfect day!!!!!

WiseGuy said...

That's so they say, a thing of beauty is a joy forever....Have fun...

Parenthood For Me said...

That's so great that you decided to pull the purse out of hiding. You do have a great life.Enjoy toting your COACH around and remembering that you do have control over your life. Love the bag BTW

Cara said...

How Wonderful that you had the moment, then did something - acting on it!!!

Everyday will be a new adventure for you now!

Liv said...

I absolutely love your realization and even better that purse!! I'm so glad you brought that out in the open. Enjoy it!

Kristin said...

Good for you! The bag is FABULOUS and the revelation even better.

Anonymous said...

Yay for you!

And that mood report is FABULOUS!! =)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment.

I LOVE the purse its gorgous! I'm so glad you had your moment of clarity and its no longer wrapped up at the back of your closet!

Enjoy !

Beautiful Mess said...

Oh sweetie! I am SO happy for you! You got IT out, that's AWESOME! You did a good thing for yourself and I am SO very proud of you! That is one beauty of a Coach..I am so jealous!

Beautiful Mess said...

Oh sweetie! I am SO happy for you! You got IT out, that's AWESOME! You did a good thing for yourself and I am SO very proud of you! That is one beauty of a Coach..I am so jealous!