Sunday, March 1, 2009

FAT CAT.....

Sorry for the lack of posts lately however my energy is in the pooper!!!

I have come to the conclusion that my cat "Baby" is amazingly weird!! He has so many odd habits and behaviors that he makes me chuckle daily. Let me share a few!

1. He has this habit of licking the vacuum cleaner and broom - now the best we can come up with is that both of these items are covered in his hair. Maybe it smells like him? Who knows!!!

2. He is afraid of plastic bags - when we come home from grocery shopping and he hears the bags rustling, he takes off upstairs! Not sure about why- it's something he has always done.

3. He comes up on me- right on my boobs and starts "kneading" them. We call it the "paw paw" dance. Now I know that cats do this sort of thing however his favorite place to do it is right on my "tata's" (Jim says - "smart kitty")

4. He makes this unbelievably funny noise when he goes to do his super big stretch out - It's like he is trying to give the stretch added drama and attention. Makes us laugh every time!!!

Those are just a few of our chubby buddy's little quirks.....There are many more but you almost have to be there to experience them. Needless to say, I think he fits perfectly into our weird family! It was meant to be.

I would like to give a VERY SPECIAL thank you to a close friend - You know who you are. This loving and caring friend recently made a donation to our IVF FUND. It was so unexpected and absolutely overwhelming. You have been such a support on our TTC journey - I cannot begin to tell you what that means to both Jim and I. No matter if we pursue IVF or ADOPTION - please know that you helped us to build our family.

So Surgery day - Wednesday the 4th is approaching quickly. Theoretically all is set to go and honestly I am so ready for this to be over with. I did not hear any news on my test results from Friday's Upper GI series and as such, I am assuming that everything was okay since they did not call. I hope that assumption is correct.

Oh and on a completely different topic.... here is the latest pic of my youngest nephew Scott...
Although I am bias - I just think he is too cute NOT to show off!

I love his eyes!!!!

Not too much else to share - gonna head off to read the Sunday paper! HUGS and STUFF!!!

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