Friday, March 13, 2009

Dizzy Dizzy everywhere...

So the dizziness/vertigo has been pretty constant the whole week and has been just enough to be rather irritating & bothersome.
Unfortunately I have been experiencing it mostly at night when I try to lay back in the recliner to go to sleep. It is so annoying to lay down when you are so overtired, and then your head is overtaken by this spinning feeling followed by nausea. Not very conducive to sleep I must tell you.

I decided yesterday that I had enough of it and called the doc to schedule an appt.
I was thankfully able to go into today to see him. What he told me was that he felt that the dizziness is a result of the anesthesia still. Apparently the kinds of medications they use to put you to sleep can throw off just about any body system you have INCLUDING your inner ear.
He said that he thought maybe one of the paralytic drugs threw off my "internal gyroscope"
Ultimately he felt that as the anesthesia left my body that the dizziness would resolve on it's own. As I am a heavier person and anesthesia is stored mostly in fat cells, it will take my body longer than than the average bear. ( gotta love my pudge ) I return to see the doc this coming Tuesday afternoon to have my staples removed and if the dizziness is NOT better by then, the doc will refer to an ENT doc. I am crossing my fingers that it resolves on it's own!

Today's trip to the doc was my first foray outside of the house since coming home from surgery and I have to say I think I did very well. Despite the fact that it is still pretty cold outside (mid 30's ) the sun was out all day and it felt heavenly on my face.
I also got to spend the afternoon with Jim as he had to play hooky from work to take me to my appt. I always love to spend extra time with him. He even stopped to get a polar pop on our way home from the doc. (I really love that man!!!!)
On the TTC front: Much to my surprise, I have managed to be able to just sit back and accept where I am at right now while my body heals. This is a HUGE step for me especially after having my birthday in February. I am trying to use this time off to get into the best mindset I can so that when Jim and I do move forward in building our family, we will be able to face our challenges head on - together.


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