Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sleeping in my own bed...aaahhhh!!!

Yeah - I know...he IS pretty adorable at times. Ever since I was relegated to the recliner chair after surgery he has taken to curling up on top of MY princess blankie on MY side of the bed.

Needless to say, he was pretty bummed last night when I decided to reclaim my territory in bed.
He just opened his little kitty eyes, looked at me with this face as if to say ....."OH CRAP!"

Thank goodness his memory of this crisis will be short-lived - at least I hope!!! (the last time he held a grudge - Jim ended up having to buy three different pairs of slippers after some random peeing incidents)

Aside from today being ST. PATTY'S DAY - it was "have all 40 staples removed from your belly day" too! (Bet ya didn't know about that one!)

Mom came up and hauled my butt to the doctor's office for this momentous event!
All staples came out easily and I am now officially "steri-stripped" to the hilt!!!
Here's a pic just cuz I am that much of a dork...

I am going to bare my soul here and let you in on a bit of my insanity -
You know how the docs always tell you to leave the steri-strips alone? They will fall off by themselves? Well......I am admitting it here first - I have a problem -
a "picking problem" to be exact. I am a "picker"

Give me a scab- I pick it...Give me a pimple - I pick it....Give me forty plus steri-strips and I am in heaven. (I know, I know - pretty sad and twisted but true!)

It is going to be a tough task to keep my hands off these suckers.
For now though I am so darn happy to be stapleless and able to itch my incision line.

On our little outing today, I got to introduce Mom to my Tuesday Sushi Tradition at The Coconut Hut. We had a great lunch just chatting and stuffing our faces with sushi!!!
MMMMMMMMMMM!!! So good!!!

Seeing as how the sun is out and it is close to 60 degrees, I am going to go coerce hubby into taking a walk with me. Gotta get some sunshine on this pasty white Ohio skin!


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Beautiful Mess said...

EKK, those look painful. Although, I never saw any pictures of the staples, so I would assume those are better. I hope you heal quickly and I'm glad your kitty didn't hold a grudge.

Thank you for your comment on my blog. That was SO sweet! I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate it!
Have a GREAT day and enjoy the weather.