Thursday, February 26, 2009

A post significantly easier for the read....

Yes I am back and in a bit of a better frame of mind - Will try to keep the cussing to a minimum!

Thank God for work lately as it is keeping me as sane as I can possibly be - Despite the discomfort I am having, I find it just keeps my mind off of ruminating about things.
Add in the fact that I have my bestest work buddy, Jenny there - AKA- the other half of my brain- it has been outright therapeutic for me. If only you knew some of the stuff we say and do at work, it might change your opinion of local government permanently!!!! (Got you thinking about that- didn't I?) Heheheheheehehe

Waiting patiently for Friday to do my upper GI series - am hoping and praying all goes smoothly with that. I am feeling a tad more positive today so I am going to go with the belief that everything will be fine. Surgery is still scheduled for Wednesday of next week so tomorrow is my last official work day until I heal. I think I am going to have to work on finding some kind of hobby to undertake while I am home healing. I need something to keep me busy and my mind occupied. I will give that some thought this weekend I think.
I wouldn't mind suggestions either!

On the spiritual side of things....I am feeling slightly less pissed with GOD and maybe a bit more willing to accept that things are happening as they should. Give me another few days to process and I am sure I will be back to square one with my faith and hope.

Gotta go get the Dunkin!!!!

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