Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Back to the world of the living.....

Sorry for the crappy quality of the pic but I just had to share the greatest balloon that I received while in the hospital. (Thanks Kim) Gotta love a purple monkey holding a banana!!!
Well folks, I am officially back! Sorry it took me so long to get back to my blog but I really wanted to give myself a week of not doing much of anything before tackling the computer.

Had my surgery last Wednesday and ended up coming home on Saturday afternoon. ( I was quite motivated to get out of the hospital!) To my great surprise and happiness, I am doing quite well. It turned out that I actually had 3 hernias to repair instead of the 2 the thought when going in.

They had to do a vertical and horizontal incision on my abdomen in order to put in the piece of mesh to close all of them. So I have what looks like an inverted "T" on my belly with about 40 staples.

The only sad part of the surgery that happened was the loss of my beloved belly button. Yep, you heard me correctly, due to the nature and placement of the incisions, I lost my little BB friend! So I am sending an one final "shout out" to the best belly button ever!
(.....dumping a bit of lint on the ground as a tribute to ya!)
May you rest in peace little one!!!!

Here is a pic of my belly - (pudge and all!!!)

To be honest - I think it looks amazingly good considering I am only a week out of surgery. I have had NO drainage at all. I go back to have my staples removed this Tuesday. I am having less and less pain each day - I am able to get around just fine.
My energy is still regrouping but I know that will take some time to get back to normal.

The only problem I have had to deal with is some vertigo after the surgery.
They had to place a Central Line in my neck during surgery for IV access and I think that some of the nerves/muscles/tendons, etc in that area got irritated or inflamed. As a result, I have experienced a decent amount of dizziness & positional vertigo since the surgery. It seems to be getting better each day and I think that as the irritation in my neck gets better, the vertigo will go away all together.

I was really blessed to have some great caregivers while in the hospital. Despite it's small size, Ashtabula Medical Center held it's own! My doc and nurses were really great.

Thanks to all my friends, family & co-workers who sent well wishes my way - I was truly overwhelmed with the support I got. It means the world to me!

Not much else to report for now - will be back soon!


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