Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Saying goodbye to my 3rd boob...

Yep - you guessed is "surgery day" - the day where I get to have my hernia's repaired or as Jim would say.... "have my third boob removed".
I actually made him say his goodbyes to her (miss hernia) this morning.
I think he is really going to miss her!!
I on the other hand and ready to throw her to the curb!!!

I am feeling really good about this surgery and am going in with the intent to be home by Saturday or Sunday at the latest. Jim's birthday is Sunday so ultimately that is my goal!

I do have a favor to ask any blog readers out there....I have several online friends in the infertile world going through their TWW right now after undergoing IVF. If you have a moment to say a few extra prayers for them - I would greatly appreciate it. These are some fantastic, loving and supportive women who have been there for me. I just want to make sure we have the spiritual side of things covered for them. THANK in ADVANCE!!!

I don't know how I am going to manage four whole days without being able to blog or even get on the internet. OH THE HUMANITY......( holding my hand up to my forehead dramatically )

To all friends and family: Since so many of you have called to ask......I will have the parents or Jim call to update you after the surgery. I promise - girl scout's honor (and yes- I was a girl scout if you can actually believe that)

Not much else to share - and since I am Dunkin Donuts coffee deprived...I better get off the computer before I say or do something incredibly stupid!!!


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