Saturday, March 28, 2009

Something to do about nothing!

So there you have it....a whole lot of nothing to say about something or something to say about a whole lot of nothing! You pick!

I tried with all my might yesterday to come up with some decent topic to diligently blog about.

I was unsuccessful.

I would have a momentary fleeting thought and then "POOF" was gone.

Kind of sad when you really think about it....Here I know there a literally dozens of people
just hanging on my every word (yea right...I wish!) and I could NOT for the life of me come up with something to write about.

I guess in some ways that is probably a good thing - nothing is wrong, broken, ailing me, etc.
On the other hand, - nothing exciting, happy, joyous, etc is happening either.

So here I am in the land of BLAHHHHH!!!
Neither here nor there!


I think am beginning to lose my mind being home after this surgery.
I have had multiple conversations with the doc and hubby about me going back to work.
I need to go back to work soon before I start babbling to myself and taking up "cat hoarding" as a hobby. (not quite there yet but could readily see myself there soon)

Hopefully I will get the all clear this week from doc!!! (God willing)

So here I am - wasting time on this fine Saturday morning.
The sun is out and I really should get up off my ass and get moving.

Maybe I will drag hubby out to just go cruisin' - we always seem to end up having fun when we don't set a destination! The fun is in the adventure I say!

Had my DD coffee and am off to a good start for the day....let's keep that going!
Love ya'll


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