Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Super Sushi Tuesday.....

Can you believe it's that time again? SUPER SUSHI TUESDAY (echo of tuesday...)
Super Sushi Tuesday is dedicated to ALL things "Fertility Forbidden"

Leave a comment with one thing for the week that you have given up, quit, cut down on, long for, miss dearly, wish you could have, etc.

This is where I step in for you! Since hubby and I are on the road to adoption and not actively TTC anymore.....I will GLADLY be your "sushi surrogate"
In other words - I will selflessly indulge all your "fertility forbidden fantasies" for you!

And just for the record this week - Chocolate is going to be HIGHLY encouraged since AF flew into town yesterday. White chocolate in particular - mmmmmmm!!! I am sure you understand!

Last night, Hubby and I did our Monday evening dash to get to our adoption class on time.
It was a good class which covered the topic of discipline in the foster/adoption system.
Got an enormous amount of excellent information out of this class. Jim actually seemed into it as well. I feel really lucky to have the trainer that we have for these classes - she is very easy-going, funny, full of information and quite interactive. I would definitely pursue additional training if I knew she was going to be teaching.

As for me...
Physically - I am holding up - that's the best I can do for now.
I am headed off to see the surgeon again today for a follow-up appt. - hopefully we can work out the problems I have been having as of late. (still not up to going into it - promise to update ya soon) I am sure things will be fine eventually - just gotta get there.
AF decided to make an early appearance YET AGAIN this month and in doing so completely kicked my ass with cramps, bloating and fatigue. Yeah - I am a site to behold, TRULY!

Mentally - I am managing - I know my moods are still a bit on the volatile side right now but I have no way of distinguishing my current AF-related insanity from my recent state of moodiness. Only time will tell. Just doing a lot of keeping my mouth shut for fear of unleashing
my inner lunatic. ( I am sure some of you have met her and probably even know her well)
Keeping her under wraps is a true feat in and of itself! TRUST!!!

Spiritually - I am still trying to work things out with God right now. I am doing lots of talking to God - not necessarily listening. It just seems as though I have a lot of stuff I need to get off my chest to the big guy/gal. I think once I get all that crap out there, I will be able to sit back and listen. At least that's the plan for now.
I am also trying hard to do a bit more praying for others. Trying to get the focus off me.
Will just have to keep trying!

Just cuz I feel like it -

We are one quarter of the way through adoption classes
Being woken up by a purring, nostril-licking kitten
The two new beautiful flowering plants hanging from our porch which are actually growing
Babycat and Zoey actually playing together
Boobs being where they are supposed to be as a result of NEW BRAS



Anonymous said...

Glad you have such a great trainer for your classes!!!! How exciting to be getting things rolling with adoption. I haven't posted this on my own blog yet (due to waaaaay too many RL reader friends of mine), but we are seriously considering adoption in place of IVF as well. Ugh, why can't things just happnen easily? I'm so there with you on that!!!

As for something I've given up...well nothing for now since I'm on a forced break with cysts. So I'm happily indulging! Let's toast to that!!!!

Beautiful Mess said...

Zoey is so adorable! I love the pictures of Nemo sushi and the one at the bottom..too funny! Lots of chocolate thoughts coming your way. Hope you're feeling better soon.