Thursday, May 21, 2009

Before and After...

I am sad....very very sad! Though they tried incredibly CAVS lost their first game against Orlando in the Semi-finals last night. BooHoo!!! (insert dramatic tears here)

Since the game was a real nail-biter right up to the very end (was squeezing the life out of hubbies hand) it took a great deal of relaxation and soothing to finally get myself to sleep.

Let's hope they do better next time - shall we??

A brief update on my physical state of being since I promised:
It seems last Friday, I had a flair of Diverticulitis . Although it was unexpected, sucked in terms of the pain and was really really bad timing, it is easily treatable.

Now I DO however have to share the circumstances of how this whole episode went down for I believe it proves one of my underlying fundamental beliefs -

Since I have recently been making a distinct effort to take better care of my body ,
a few of my co-workers have jumped on the band wagon with me. We all have been bringing in healthier food items to snack on.

Now Friday morning I go trotting off to work and start my normal daily laundry list of tasks.
My one co-worker Jenny had told us she was bringing in fresh fruit salad for us to snack on.
In she comes with this lovely bowl full of fresh strawberries and pineapple all cut up for us.
It looked (and tasted) delicious!

Fast forward to an hour or so later - I am doubled over in pain, sweating and nauseated.

The long and short of the story is that ingesting the seeds that strawberries have (which are apparently NOTORIOUS diverticulitis No No's) just set off this really bad reaction in my bowel.

I really need to make a very clear point here -
Had I been eating a Twinkie or Hershey bar (mmmmmm- that sounds so good right now)
I would NOT have had one problem. Those suckers would have gone right through me.

I have maintained this belief for a long time and now have the proof - SO THERE!!!

She has recently learned how to take flying leaps into the bathtub -this generally take place while you are sitting on the toilet trying to do your business. FUN FUN FUN!!!
She is also eating everything in site - including Babycat's food as well as ours. It is a real throw-down on Sushi Tuesday's - let me tell you!

Since I am on short time schedule this morning - I am going to have to do my gratitude list early here. Please forgive me.

getting to hold Jim's hand during the Cav's games
finding Zoey and Baby asleep together on our bed
the incredible sunshine and 80 degree weather we are having
co-workers who bring me chocolate after bringing me "killer fruit salad"
a pretty wonderful mom (yep - I am blessed!)



Beautiful Mess said...

Awww sorry about your Cavs! It'll be OK though! I am not a believer of the healthy food will kill ya, but exercise will! I went running and jacked up my foot. So frustrating! Hope you're feeling better. Tell that Zoey to back off your/our sushi!

Felicia said...

Oh I share your pain, I so wanted the Cavs to win!! I am really anti Magic since they beat the Celtics who are my true love. Anyways, I love the LeBron before and after I was thinking that as I was watching the game. When they were in the lead his mood was very happy and light and as the game progressed me became more and more somber and what outright depressed at the end.

I too have concluded that healthy food will kill. Everytime I eat healthy I have the worse nausea and diarrhea to where I just know I am going to pass out.