Friday, May 15, 2009

Zoey has a boyfriend!

Nope that is NOT Zoey......Everyone I would like to introduce you to DARTH!!!!!

My good buddy, BEAUTIFUL MESS over at Life Induces thoughts, mostly random sent this pic of her BIL's new kitten, DARTH. She had been telling me that every time she saw a Zoey pic that she thought about DARTH and how they really looked like one another. I told her to send me a pic so we could hook them up and ....voila.......DARTH!!!

Now when I showed Zoey the pic, she just looked at the screen, bit my hand and took off. Not entirely sure what that means BUT I am going to go with the thought that she was SOOOOO blown away by his handsomeness that she JUST couldn't stand to look anymore.

I have now decided that they are going to long-distance date (casually for awhile as they are both pretty young) and see where things go.

Gotta love it! Now if I were more handy with my picture editing program I would TOTALLY crop pics of DARTH and ZOEY together with some lame ass heart sentiment printed up top just because I am like that. Wouldn't that just be so darn cute???? (you can roll your eyes - I am!)

Sorry for lack of posts however I have had little to say.....(who woulda thunk?)

Finished up yet another adoption class last night - it was SOOO incredibly depressing.
Topic was all about attachment and separation in Foster/Adoption/Kinship care.
The video we watched was from the prospective of a Foster child talking to a Foster parent about their feelings. It was very honest, raw, and heart-wrenching at times.
Most of the females in the room got teary eyed - including me.
I am glad we got this information but boy oh boy was it ever hard to take in!

(Zoey is biting my foot as I am writing - OUCH!!!!!!! - OyVey!!)

Still been trying to keep up my commitment to myself to exercise in some way or another as often as possible. So far so good - yesterday was the only day I have skipped since Sunday and that was only because I worked all day and had class last night. Figure I can hop back on the bandwagon again tonight after work.

Been feeling pretty emotional as of late.

I think I am really beginning to mourn the loss of not TTC anymore. The process of going through these adoption classes must have opened up that wound which I thought had healed up a bit. I am not surprised but am rather caught off guard.
I have been emotionally all over the place - okay one minute, easily irritated the next and in tears over small things too. I hate it! I have spent most of my life trying so hard to get a handle on my emotions and had finally felt like I had gotten to an even keel.

To be knocked off balance again with this emotional upheaval has been tough.

Hubby is literally going banana's trying to do his best to understand but I am afraid he is coming from such a different emotional place - I don't think he truly gets it.
Not his fault - it's just hard for him to process it.

In any case - I am surviving - that's the best I can do for today.

Gotta move as I am heading off to work!
Will catch up soon!



imafishey said...

Darth is an adorable boyfriend for Zoey!

I understand what you're going through. I totally feel your pain. I wish I had the right words to comfort you.

I'm praying for you guys. Prayerfully a blessing will come out of all this.

Felicia said...

Darth and Zoey make a wonderful couple!! The are both too cute.

Sending hugs and more hugs as you cross this bridge. I can only imagine how tough it is. I too have thought of the adoption option and become tearful just thinking about it. I admire you guys for your strength and determination. Hugs to your hubs too for trying to understand, and hoping that he understands that he may never fully comprehend the emotions you are feeling.

Keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers.

Beautiful Mess said...

Awww Darth is famous, now! I love it! If I had any type of photoshop skillz, I'd totally do that! Maybe I can get my hubby to do
Hang in there with your emotions, hon.