Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Could an Infertile get a Cavs win PLEASE?

What can I say Lebron? You did your best but it was not to be. The hurt goes on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think after watching last nights game I have come to a very important conclusion:
I am a maniac while watching my team - let me give you a few examples ......
My heart rate sky rockets
My blood pressure goes up
All the muscles in my legs and belly tense up to the point I am sore
I have a tendency to swear like a drunken sailor at the TV
I scare the daylights out of the cats while doing said swearing
I hold and squeeze hubbies hand til he yells at me for hurting him
I hide under the covers when we are tied or in "all or nothing" situations

So all in all, I may have to re-think how I watch my games.

Not much else to share this morning other than THIS fabulous picture.....................................



imafishey said...

LOL - I'm a fanatic too. The Saints & The Hornets are my teams so I know what you're going through! :)

I want the Cavs to win too! I really didn't know that Orlando was that good. Hopefully Lebron can pull them through, but it's going to be tough!

And once again, thanks for your support & bloggy friendship. I appreciate it so much!

Beautiful Mess said...

That's EXACTLY how I watch the Blazers! Oh man I was yelling and sweating and getting all pissed off last night! I was even Tweeting about it! I really thought they were going to have it when it went into over time. AHHHH *pulls out hair* so close! Alright, we've got another game here fans...lets get fired up!