Saturday, May 23, 2009

Show & Tell - In a three part show!!!

Saturday Saturday SATURDAY!! It's your favorite day of the week folks - time to gather all your really important stuff or even not so important stuff and show it off to the class!!!
Don't forget to head on over to Mel's Blog @ Stirrup Queens and check out what the rest of the class is showing - It is SOOO worth the trip!!!

Decided to do today's post in three parts - mostly because I can but also because I figure it's likely you will like at least one of the parts!!! That's the intent at least.

Enough rambling and on to the good stuff!

Show & Tell Item number one:
This is a collection of the "farmer's market" that showed up work this week. Now I know my co-workers and I are all making a concerted effort to make healthy lifestyle changes but SERIOUSLY?????
Especially after the "healthy food debacle AKA killer fruit salad" - I am beginning to think someone is out to get my job!!!
WTF??? celery??? REALLY!!!
P.S. In the upper right corner of the pic you will see my "IN BOX" - For the record and those who need reading glasses it says......"JB The Magnificent" I always liked that box!

Show & Tell Item number two:

Yep that is Zoey - who has gained like three times her original weight.
And Yep - she is totally eating off my plate
If you are not an animal person and this grosses you out - then tough titties! I let ALL my animals eat off my plate - deal with it. Being an infertile, they are MY babies and I treat them as such.
And finally YES, that is chicken alfredo which she apparently LOVES! That's my girl!!!
Gotta love a fur baby who is a total carb whore like her mama!!!

Finally Show & Tell Item number three (the most important item of all)

By far the most exciting, amazing and breath-holding end to a game you can possibly imagine!

Here is a re-cap of about the last 20 seconds of the Cavs VS Magic game last night....Even if you aren't much into sports, missed it or hadn't heard....IT IS TOTALLY WORTH WATCHING!!!!

Gotta love it folks!



Cara said...

1 - It all looks delish to me!! I have made a very unintential shift to loving all things fruit and veg!

2 - Our kitties are fat too...but not by plate snatching!

3 - I remember cliffhangers and great endings! *sigh* I do miss sports and am so glad it was a great game for you!

Michelle said...

I let my cats eat off my plate too. And yes, they are super fat. Thanks for sharing!!

JuliaS said...

I grew up with cats. They usually stuck to their kitty food and me to my people food. That is, unless the ice cream or Cheese puffs came out - and then I would be fighting a couple of persistant kitties off!

LOL on the celery - it all looks so, so, well - green!

Kristin said...

Yummy fruit!

Such a cute kitty. I let our animals clean off the plates before they are sanitized by the dishwasher.

battynurse said...

My cats refuse to eat people food at all however if I have a glass of water they will drink out of my glass and my one cat will stick her head in anything I'm drinking to see if it's something she wants. The dog of course will eat anything and is usually allowed to lick the plate clean when I'm done. The farmers market stuff looks good but then I love farmers market stuff.

Liv said...

Awe, cute kittie. I don't mind them eating off my plate either! I have one cat that always gets a few licks of my leftover milk from my cereal. Oh, well! I love 'em.

Oh, and congrats on the Cavaliers win!

Emmy said...

I hope the fruit and veggies don't kill you! Good luck with that!

See ya in the finals!! Go Lakers! ;)

Wishing 4 One said...

LOL i let my Florenzo eat off my plate sometimes, he has his own special plate, well plates and bowls actually. He too loves Italian, sauces, not the pasta and his favorite is smoked turkey. He eats lentil soup and any kind of meat. Aren't they great our babies.