Sunday, May 31, 2009

Show & Tell - A day late and a championship short.

This Show & Tell is a bit late but here nonetheless!!!
Don't forget to visit Mel over at STIRRUP QUEENS to check out what she and all the other cool kids are showing at the head of THEIR class!

First and foremost - I am still reeling from the great CAVS loss yesterday.
I am disheartened, disappointed, sad but mostly hopeful that maybe JUST maybe next year will be OUR YEAR! A girl can dream....right?

Not too much has been going on that has been picture worthy - so I decided that at the risk of completely annoying and boring the heck out of everyone, I would show a few more ZOEY pics!
In order to understand these pics however I need to give you a bit of information first.

For those of you not aware.....Jim and I have an Ebay business that we do part-time. We sell mostly high end, gently worn clothing items and a few other odds and ends that we come across.
We both have small "Ebay rooms" set up with all our necessary gear for listings - camera, backdrops, hangers, tags, mannequins, etc.

In my Ebay room I have a standing mannequin pole that has both a male & female upper bodice that can be interchanged. Awhile ago for some unknown reason I decided to name the male mannequin bodice - HENRY and the female mannequin bodice- LUCY. (why I am telling you their names - I do not know)

I tend to work much more with LUCY than I do with HENRY simply because I have a better handle on describing women's clothing than my dear husband.
This leaves poor HENRY sitting in the corner of my Ebay room on the floor.

Now HENRY for some odd reason has this cut-out abdomen - I really have no explanation for this though I am sure when someone reads this, they will promptly write me with an obvious explanation ( or at least I hope so) I digress.....

As I had said - HENRY spends a lot of his time just hanging out all alone.............
At least he did until ZOEY showed up.
You see.....ZOEY sleeps locked in my Ebay room every night due to her affinity for nocturnal unprompted purring lovefests and nostril licking.

Now it seems that ZOEY and HENRY have become AMAZINGLY well acquainted................



Kristin said...

Love the pics of the kitty inside the mannequin.

WiseGuy said...

Awww...Zoey has company and Henry is not lonely anymore..too bad Henry does NOT have nostrils!

GeekByMarriage said...

I debated if I should rib you about my home team beating your team. I decided not to because I value my life.

Beautiful Mess said...

LOL! How cute is Zoey?! Glad Henry and Zoey found each other. Ummm Geek knows NOTHING about basketball so if she ever does rib you, you have something to fall back on...Sorry about your Cavs hon. I was really upset when i found out!

FET Accompli said...

That is the cutest pic! Your high-end/gently used clothing business sounds really neat.

mekate said...

Awwwwwww dang those photos of Zoey and Henry are as cute as can be. At least Henry will not be as lonely now that his empty spaces are filled (at least occasionally) by the kitty.

And you-- thank you so much for your ongoing support. You are such a sweetheart and I appreciate it so much. You make me feel much less alone and that matters more than I can say.

Warmly, Kate

Erin said...

Too cute. I love kitties.