Saturday, May 9, 2009

Show & Tell - Short and Sweet

It's Saturday and that time again.....don't forget to head on over to STIRRUP QUEENS
to check out what the rest of the class is showing!!!

This will be a short and sweet update of the last few days followed by S & T:

Wednesday- all good - Cats torturing one another.

Thursday- work all good - long day - went to adoption pre-service class-class was great
but not feeling great while there - get home - much pain/blood in urine -
ER visit shows kidney stone - home around 1:45am

Friday- much of wee morning hours alternating between attempts at sleep and repositioning.
Late morning drinking fluids like a maniac - early afternoon, pass what feels like enormous
kidney stone - pain ceases - EXHAUSTED! Catch up on sleep all day.

Saturday-drinking DD coffee and getting set to head down to Mom and Dads to celebrate
Mother's day a bit early for scheduling reasons. Posting S & T pics.

FYI: I will NOT be posting tomorrow on Mother's Day - emotionally just too tough.
Having a tough time with this weekend to begin with for obvious reasons.
Wish being a Fur mama were enough but it's just not.
Just letting ya'll know!

Pics for S & T:
Yep you guessed it .....more kitten/cat pics (you'll just have to deal with it!)

The tale of Zoey kitten goes on - she and Baby cat have an interesting relationship
at this point.
I would not say they care for one another or even call it affection.
I would more likely call it a good old fashioned "brother/lil sister" relationship.

Zoey gets into one of her "I have to run around like a freakin' maniac modes" and in the
process decided she has to completely torture Baby in the process.
They spend most of the day chasing one another back and forth in the living room all the while
batting, hissing and meowing at one another.

Here are the two of them:
pic one: prior to Baby whomping Zoey
pic two: moments after said whomp and Zoey falling to the floor

After many long days of watching above activities, I quietly pondered to myself
ways in which I could torture the cats back - and then POOF!!! The perfect thought came!!!

This trick would only work on Zoey due to her size:

Yes - I coerced hubby into participating in my evil plan - ( I am terrible I know!)



Lollipop Goldstein said...

Ooooh ooooh oooooh! Those are moans of pain just reading about the kidney stone. I am so sorry, sweetie. I'm glad it passed.

Kristin said...

Oh man, I remember transporting someone with kidney stones back in my paramedic days and there was serious pain involved. I'm so glad it has resolved itself.

Adorable kitty pictures.

Beautiful Mess said...

First of all..DON'T YOU EVER APOLOGIZE FOR ADORABLE KITTY PICS! I love the kitty pics, SO much! I'm glad you're feeling better. Get some rest and be good to yourself tomorrow. Sending you LOTS of love!

Anonymous said...

So sorry about the kidney stone!

And I lerv your kitty pics! If kitty pics are bad...well, I'm probably in a heap of trouble for all the Miss Doggy pics I subject everyone to (and not only for S&T, hee!). :)

Wishing 4 One said...

Glad the stone passed, I heard how painful they are. Um the kitty pics are um SUPER SUPER CUTE! I love em! I have a fur baby too, Florenzo come check him out (just serach Florenzo on my blog) he is waay too cute, you will love him.

CJ said...


(I am an NU Wildcat and DH is a Spartan, but I come from a family of Wolverines so it's in my blood.)

Very cute kitties. :)

Anonymous said...

I looove your kittty pictures so fliipin cute so NO apologies

Your plan made me giggle my little head off :-)

I've always heard how painful kidney stones are I'm soo glad thats over and you feel better

Have a great week !

Lynn Page said...

oh those kittys are cute!! SHOW away!!