Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sushi Tuesdays.....ooohhh a new game!!!!!

Now that is MYYYYYYYY kind of Sushi!!!!! Couldn't help myself with that pic!

So boys and girls....it's that time again........


The one day of the week I get to treat myself to Ku's yummy sushi
and be completely self-indulgent in the process!!!

Now I have been doing this ritual for about as long as my little local Sushi palace
(The Coconut Hut ) has been open. I found out that Tuesday happened to be the day of the
week after he got in all his fresh fish AND was the day it was buy one get one free.
(Always a bargain hunter - I am!!!)

Now when Jim and I made the decision to start TTC, I did what many neurotic, obsessive and emotional women do.....I started reading and googling fertility info!!!

Some of said info was amazingly useful - some of said info was just helpful and the rest of said info was outright bullpuckey.

One of the things I kept reading about however was that eating Sushi/Sashimi during the two week wait was a BAD BAD thing. Let me add that when I refer to Sushi - I am using the very broad term and truly mean Sashimi or the raw fish. (Don't want to piss off any hard core sushi eaters out there!)

I was totally bummed the day I found that out HOWEVER my longing for a baby was strong and my determination was stronger so my sushi consumption was limited to only the first half of my cycles before ovulation, thus protecting any future embryos growing in my belly.

Now I have to tell you that after about 6 months, and all the subsequent BFN's, I decided to head into google land again to re-evaluate this whole subject.

After much research and deliberation, I felt comfortable enough to resume eating my weekly sushi. I did try and stay away from the truly raw stuff but when I did consume it, kept it to a minimum. Along with throwing this caution to the wind, I also resumed having my daily morning cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee as well which had been banished around the same time.

This was a very happy moment......throwing caution to the wind and just enjoying these two
"forbidden fertility" things.

I have not gotten my BFP and time has gone on. Since we are no longer actively TTC and pursuing adoption, I am trying to enjoy all the little things in my life.

So I continue to do SUSHI TUESDAY and still drink my coffee every morning like clockwork.
In the spirit of reaching out to all my new bloggy friends, I am dedicating my "sushi-eating, coffee drinking Tuesdays" to you! That way no matter where you are in your TTC path and no matter where you are in your current cycle - just know I will be happy to be your designated
"forbidden fertility" friend!!!!

I will be making my TUESDAY posts dedicated to all things "fertility forbidden"

I am naming it "SUSHI TUESDAYS" because of my own experience
(and because it's my blog)
But I am sure you all get the idea.
Feel free to chime in with your experiences, thoughts, quirks, habits, etc
regarding things you have given up, changed, believed or done in the midst each of your cycles.
If I can help - I will!!! HEHEHEHE!!!

Last night was our first adoption/foster pre-service training class.
It went really well and I felt much better after having gone.
Still feeling slightly ambivalent about whether we should be using the county system or using a private agency however either way, we still need the pre-service training & homestudy.
I am doing a lot of praying and just turning this over to God in hopes that we are headed down the right path. I am sure time will tell.
It feels good to actually be started on this process. I have a good friend who works in IT who is going to help me put up our adoption webpage soon. I am hoping and praying that between that, my blog, and putting the word out, that we will find a birthmother looking to place her child.

On a completely weird and slightly ironic side note, at the training last night we took a break half way through the evening. The facilitators had provided cookies and coffee for all the attendees.
I, of course made my way over to the cookie table during break and about fell over in a fit of uncontrollable giggles..........................

Here is what the cookies looked like.....................
Can you freakin' believe it??????? Monkey cookies.....I LOVE IT!!!!!
Me being a lover of all things - MONKEY!!!

I told hubby it HAD to be a sign!!!! Hopefully a good sign!

Anyhoo - that's the scoop for today
Can't wait to hear all about your forbidden favorites!!!



Beautiful Mess said...

Mmmmmm sushi AND coffee! I fell in love with sushi before I got pregnant with Zilla and gave it up for years. I am happy to report that I have rekindled that flam. I gave up my lattes when I was pregnant with Nae and wasn't able to pick it up again until after she was done nursing. Same with Zilla. It wasn't easy. I'm SO glad your class was informative. I believe the monkey cookie was a GOOD sign!
Enjoy your sushi AND coffee!

Batty said...

I am counting the days to sushi! Actually my baby sis is going to take me out for safe sushi in a couple of weeks! In the meantime, enjoy for me! (p.s. Loooove the monkey cookie!)

Anonymous said...

The monkey cookie is definitely a good sign!

I've had four years of two week waits. I followed all the rules for the first two years. Now everyday during the TWW is a Sushi Tuesday! I do whatever it takes to get through the wait!