Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Monday Mondayyyyyyyyy!!!

Yep...I just LOVE that pic - aren't they adorable? They took the cutest afternoon snooze
together yesterday. She is really a cuddler!

Survived yesterday - got a few wonderful phone calls, text messages and emails from good friends.....You all KNOW who you are and I just want to say THANK YOU for remembering me too!!! It meant a lot to me!!!

Hubby and I decided to go visit my mom and dad on Saturday - thus alleviating the scheduling headaches of trying to get the whole family together on Mother's day.

Now ever since we brought our new fur baby home, my mom & dad have only seen pictures of her. They have not met our "monster" in all her furry glory! We wanted our little Zoey
to meet her new "Grammy and Pappy"
We decided to take a chance and bring her with us when we visited.

We did have some major trepidation about taking her with us on this car trip that takes well over an hour. We were worried about her crying the whole way if she was in her carrier or roaming the car like a mad woman if we gave her freedom.

We were truly amazed and pleasantly surprised......she did a bit of roaming around the car for about 10 minutes and then just climbed up behind my neck and fell asleep. Traveled the whole way to grammy & pappy's sound asleep like that. Too cute!

It worked out perfectly that mom was finishing getting ready upstairs when we arrived.
I took Zoey in and had my back to Mom when she came into the kitchen .

As soon as I turned around and mom saw that I was holding Zoey (which took a few seconds due to the fact that I was wearing a black shirt and Zoey kinda blended in)
Mom was totally sucked right in to the cuteness that is Zoey!!!

Mom and Dad got to spend the afternoon loving up their grandkitten ( and Us too)
while hubby and I made mom dinner. It was truly a wonderful day in my opinion!

Here are a few pics of Zoey with her Grammy and Pappy........
She really settled right in wouldn't you say???????????

Not much on the agenda today - ebay, shipping, etc.

Gonna make myself take another good healthy walk today - started up again yesterday.
Hoping that will help my body as well as my mind!! It always seems to quiet me down!

Have to get dinner ready early because of adoption class tonight - Hubby walks in around 5pm
and we have to be out the door around 5:20pm in order to get there on time.
It's an eat and run situation - which normally aggravates me however we only have to do this
though mid June. We will manage.

Not much else to share.....

Sending all my ALI and IF friends special HUGS AND SMOOCHES!!!
Sending the rest of you all - TICKLES and LAUGHTER!!! (maybe a rogue hug too!)



Beautiful Mess said...

Zoey is just SO cute! I'm so glad she was such a rock star int he car. I've NEVER had a cat that was so calm in the car! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, a much deserved one at that! Have a great day and enjoy your class tonight.

mekate said...

First, I am not sure that cat could be more cute. Seriously. Winning the cute prize. And second, a heartfelt thank you for your amazing support during this shitty shitty time. I value your words more than I can say, and thank you seems so inadequate. Please just know I mean it in very big letters and bold. Warmly, Kate