Sunday, February 8, 2009

Such a saga.......

I think that sums it up pretty well don't you? If I were only that thin.....hmmmm!!

So here it is Sunday, and my emails are caught up, and I am back to blogging.

This will probably be an amazingly long and drawn out post as it's been quite awhile since I last posted. I am sure most of you know the what's and why's BUT for those of you may have missed out, let me recount my latest medical adventure and bring you up to speed.

So this past Sunday & Monday, I was generally feeling pretty sucky. Emotionally for sure and for added dramatic appeal throw in feeling physically "off" too! I wasn't quite able to put my finger on what was up and in my infinite "medical wisdom" chalked it up to a bit of hernia related discomfort.

Monday evening took some aleve and Tums then headed off to bed with the hopes I would wake up feeling better Tuesday. That did not happen. Woke up to pretty severe belly pain at around 2AM and tried to ride it out for about an hour. Realized it wasn't going away and woke Jim up.
Headed off to ACMC ER to be evaluated. After being tested and evaluated, it was decided that something irregular showed up on my CT scan and that I should tranferred up to UHHS Case since it appeared to be related to my last belly ordeal. It took several hours to find a room for me at UHHS and I was finally transferred.

The long and short of my UHHS hospital stay revolved around managing my pain AND
deciding what was going on. After all was said and done I spent from Tuesday night to Friday afternoon at the hospital and was discharged with a diagnosis of another intussception that resolved itself.
The doc did say that thing that made it hard to diagnose was all the scar tissue from my surgery.
He did say however that BECAUSE of all the scar tissue, that is was unlikely that I would have this problem again. So although it was frustrating while they were trying to figure it out, I am grateful that I have less of a chance of this problem happening again.
Another good thing that happened was that the doc was able to get a good look at both my hernia's while doing all the testing at the hospital.
They recommended that I get hernia repair as soon as possible to help reduce the risk of any other emergent abdominal complications. Fun Fun Fun!!!

On a the bonus side of things......I was NPO (nothing by mouth) til late Thursday and on loads of IV fluids. It seems that because of this, I dropped like 9 pounds in the hospital!!! WOOHOO!!!

Friday I was literally exhausted when I got home - ate a bit of food, peed and went to bed around 8PM - got up once to pee again and then slept another 8 hrs straight. Nothing like your own bed to help restore your energy.

Woke up yesterday a bit tired still and still somewhat achy & sore - wasn't sure what to make of that until I went to the potty - YOU GUESSED IT!!!! Aunt Flo arrived with a vengance!!!
In many ways I was relieved to be able to deal with her as I was recuperating.
(there always has to be a twist to the story!!!)

So 2009 is taking shape rather quickly and seems to be getting filled up with medical intervention at an alarming rate. I know that surgery will suck BUT I do want to take the best care of my body as possible per my New Years resolution.

I did come to one really important realization through all this......
I realized that no matter WHAT path I take on my journey to become a parent, whether it be
natural, assisted reproduction or adoption, that I MUST continue to take care of my body.
I cannot put off medical intervention based on the hopes of one day conceiving.
The reality is that I may never conceive on my own or even with assisted technology.
I have to take care of my body RIGHT NOW no matter what.
I have an incredibly loving husband, family and set of friends that I want to enjoy.

So that is the long-winded update. Thanks for trudging through it!!!

AND Now begins the unbelievably arduous & painful countdown to my 38th birthday.......
9 days and counting......ugghhhhh!!!!


That's all folks!!!!

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