Monday, February 9, 2009

I am completely "phone drunk" today....

Well folks, I have finally done it!!! I succeeded in getting officially "phone drunk"
You know- PHONE DRUNK - the point in your day where you have been on the phone so much that you no longer know what is coming out of your mouth nor do you care!
I had to tie up all the loose ends with my hernia surgery which I had not expected to be a big deal! Boy oh Boy was I ever wrong!

I started with the insurance company to double check that I was using an in-network doc & hospital. Now typically any call I make to the customer support hotline through my medical insurance company takes about 15 minutes - most of which is devoted to hitting the appropriate number so that they can "properly" direct my call. Luckily today it seemed they were on track and I got through without much wait. Got that all handled and moved on to my next call.

Called the docs office for the surgery date and pre-admission testing. Given a surgery date of Wed. Feb. 25th at noon.

Got that set up and had to call all the family & friends who needed to know. Started with hubby at work so that he could take that day off. Called Mom & Dad in The Keys to let them know the date. I then called my boss at work to give her the earliest head's up for planning purposes.
I took a deep breath and was feeling like I had accomplished quite a bit - decided to take a break for a bit and got something to eat.

Sat down to eat and the phone rang...........It was the docs office calling back to say that the surgery had to be rescheduled due to doc being gone from Feb. 18th - 27th.
Rescheduled surgery for Wed. March 4th at noon. Said good-bye and hung up.
Took a HUGE dramatic sigh.....smiled and moved on!

Decided I was getting sick of being on the phone and promptly got on the computer and emailed hubby, mom/dad, and my boss with the updated info.
Finished emailing - had a "curious moment" and googled "ventral hernia surgery repair recovery time" -- started reading and got immediately disgusted and overwhelmed- logged off google
with much haste!!!

So that is my terribly underwhelming Monday this week....
Feeling physically better than last week although still a bit tired however.

That's all she wrote folks....HUGS!!!

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