Thursday, February 19, 2009

A year full of good fortune...

Here is my wonderful gift from my brother Doug who lives in California.......It is a HUGE birthday fortune cookie. I absolutely loved it!!!! It is covered in chocolate and sprinkles.
The Take out container it came in is cool as well! Just wanted to share my good fortune with you all! I got some absolutely fabulous gifts from friends and family:
A Dunkin Donuts gift card....THANKS Kim!
A Special Sushi Dinner Surprise at The Coconut Hut....THANKS Jenny (you lil stinker!)
Several cards with lots of spendable green stuff inside....THANKS Mom/Dad, Cauffields, etc.
A gift Card to CATO's clothing store.....THANKS Steph & family
A gorgeous hand crocheted scarf....THANKS Aunt Judy
A bottle of Chanel Perfume and a new ladies Razor that I have wanted....THANKS Bear!
MANY MANY MANY fabulous birthday emails, and phone calls.....THANKS EVERYONE
Needless to say I had a great birthday thanks to everyone I love - you all are the best at making this old goat feel better about another year passed!

Just when I thought that we had passed the worst of our sucky Ohio winter weather I was rudely reminded that we are NOT!!! It started snowing and blowing again last night and has not stopped since. It is bitter cold outside and we are supposed to get another 6-8 inches today!

In the meantime - I have been just trying to conserve my energy. All these belly problems have zapped the energy right out of me. I am literally counting down the days until I have this surgery and can be on the way to healing. Don't get me wrong - I hate the fact I have to have the surgery but I am tired of feeling so crappy and tired all the time. Hopefully the surgery will go smoothly and within a month, I will be back to my old crazy self. That is my plan and am sticking to it!!!

I would like to send out a special request for those of you who wouldn't mind - Any extra or spare prayers would GREATLY be appreciated for my co-worker Janice and her family.
It has been an incredibly difficult and trying year so far for them - Many medical emergencies - They could really use a few added prayers!!! THANKS
While I am asking for prayers - keep these people in mind too!
Jenny's mom who just had knee surgery
Kim's family - medical difficulties
Mari - grieving loss of husband and move to a new home

I know there are so many other people out there I am missing-
Just know I am thinking of you all!!!

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