Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Awwww - look at the kitty!!!!

I could NOT resist - Is this the little cutest kitty or what?
This is our chubby fur monster BABY - A.K.A- Squeakers.
This is a pic of squeakers in total "I'm adorable look at me mode"
He has it down to a science. I especially love the fact he is right in between my monkey
blanket and a certain unnamed hubby's Scooby blankie.

Just had to share - after all he is "our little baby" for now!

Although it has been very rainy since yesterday, I am totally thrilled that the temp is running
between the upper 50's and lower 60's. It's a bit odd for February in NE Ohio but I am
not complaining. The temp will be dropping back down to the 30's tonight but in the meantime
I am just enjoying the lack of snow!

Headed back to work today which was a nice distraction from my "broken body" problems.
I feel amazingly blessed that I have a job in this economy as well as the added bonus of
actually liking what I do. Thank God I have some fantastic co-workers who are almost as insane as I am - they "get me"....LOL!

I am still on slow gears with my body and am just taking it slow. It will be a long three weeks until surgery but at least I know there is an end in sight.
As far as the baby train - Jim and I are now officially on a "forced break" due to the health issues I am having. I am actually pretty okay with that for now. Mostly I want to get to a healthy place where I can enjoy my husband, family and friends again fully. I need to repair this old body first and worry about TTC later. For now, I will just have to get my baby fixes through my nephews and friends children.

Not much else to report -
Headed off to bed!


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