Sunday, February 15, 2009

A whole lot of waiting going on....

Where am I right now?
I guess you can call it a holding pattern- waiting on surgery to get my body feeling better - waiting on the trying to conceive thing - that is where I am currently. I really don't mind much as I know it just a means to an end. I am forced to stay in the moment which I guess is probably the best lesson I can take out of all this.

I do feel like Jim and I both had a wonderful Valentines Day!

Jim brought me home a box of Malley's chocolate covered strawberries which were delicious.
He also presented me with something I have really wanted for quite awhile - THE SNUGGIE!!!
Yes - you heard me right - that TV infomercial blanket thingy with arms. I saw them advertising it over the holidays and have wanted one ever since. Well apparently V-day was my lucky day! I was sooooo happy - (yes I am a dork!) Incidentally it is as warm and snuggly as it looks on TV - just in case you wanted to know.

I ended up getting Jim a couple bags of his favorite snack - POPPYCOCK! I am fairly sure he was a happy camper as evidenced by how quickly he stashed those bags away.

Since we are on an official TTC break - there is not much to report. I can say however that it really amazes me how in tune I have become with my body and my cycles as a result of my journey. Even without charting or temping, I can still tell you exactly what cycle day I am on and if I am approaching ovulation or not. I suppose that is has just become second nature to me now. It will probably be something that will never go away and that is okay.
If I have to take something positive away from our TTC journey so far, I would say that not having to worry about birth control is a total plus! I guess it's all in how you look at it!

I will be going for my pre-op testing tomorrow afternoon and then meeting with the surgeon to discuss the surgery and hospital stay. I am glad to be getting this whole process going.
The sooner it's in motion, the sooner its' over and I can heal.

Not much else going on - trying to keep it low key for now.

That's all for now - HUGS and STUFF!!!

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