Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday, Monday, Monday.......

Okay - now I know this is soooo goofy BUT I found this site that you can take pics of you and hubby and they will give you a pic of what your baby "might" look like - weird eh?
So here is the pic of what a "little baby Barnhouse" would look like....not too bad I think!
I really had to chuckle because I always did figure we would end up with a boy and then BAM- here he is! Nice to know that our children would at least be cute if we had some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep - as you can see, I am fairly bored this fair Monday morning. Jim is off to work and I am awaiting the arrival of the Ohio State Waterproofing guy to fix our one sump pump. It has been stuck running nonstop for a few days now. Couldn't figure out the sound I was hearing until I investigated the basement. At least it is our back-up sump pump. So that is my enormous excitement for the day. I have been told that I "don't need to go out today as the car is covered in a sheet of ice and you don't need to strain yourself scraping it off" (Can you guess who is a little worried about me?- give ya a hint - his name rhymes with Tim)
So unless I want to piss off the powers that be...I will spend another day being a couch potato.

If I am somewhat motivated, I might undertake the task of going through my clothes and getting rid of stuff for Goodwill. I have meaning to do that for ages but it is something that I have put off mostly because I have the worst time letting go of stuff. We shall see!

Have I mentioned lately that I love my hubby? Well if I haven't - let me do so right now-
Bear....I love you!

We have this rule that we let each other know when we are feeling down, cranky, irritable, etc. and what if anything we need from one another at that moment. It avoids much headache and potential misunderstandings.
Last night I was very down about everything and told him so. He is getting so good at just listening and NOT trying to fix it! (so proud of him!)

This morning....he left me this note in front of my computer:
( Squeak is in reference to the nickname for our kitty)

He always manages to make me laugh- I am truly blessed to have met him and to get to spend my life with him.

Not much else to share for the morning-

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