Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Let's play a guessing game........

Ten bucks if you can guess who this incredibly adorable chubby birthday girl is????
I mean C'mon folks - how cute can you get? I may be a bit bias but really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So it has arrivedth - The not-anticipated - somewhat underwhelming 38th birthday.
I don't feel any older today than I did last night when I went to bed so as such I have decided to henceforth boycott any and all subsequent birthdays. SO THERE!!!!

I do want to share my birthday awakening this morning for it was quite the way to start my day.
My brother called me at approximately 7:45am - When I picked up the phone, I hear what can best be described as utter child chaos! The oldest nephew Sam starts to sing "Happy Birthday" to me which had me chuckling. Then the next oldest nephew Seth breaks into song as well.
In the meantime, I hear by brother who is obviously holding the newest nephew Scott trying to coax him to coo at me on the phone. In the midst of Seth singing however all I hear is Scott letting out what seemed to be the World's Largest Belch!!! I about fell out of bed laughing so hard!! Then my sister in law is trying to get Simon the third youngest nephew to come to the phone and sing for me however he is having none of it. I start chatting with my brother for a bit when out of the blue - Simon starts singing Happy Birthday on the top of his lungs.
It is a hard image to put into words but let me just say that is was an awesome way to start my

Nothing too crazy planned for the birthday - I am headed out this afternoon to get my hair cut and colored before the gray takes over completely!!!! Thank God for hair dye!!!
I will be getting my Two for Tuesday Sushi at The Coconut Hut - my local Sushi hookup-
GOD BLESS KU (the owner there- he is awesome!!!) The food there is amazing!!!
If you are ever in or around Geneva, Ohio and you are into Sushi or awesome Burritos -
then be SURE to stop at The Coconut Hut. Tell em JB sent ya!!!!!


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