Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Super Sushi Tuesday.....hurrah!!!!

Hi boys and girls - can you believe it's Tuesday already?? You know what that means............

I think after giving it a bit of thought...I have decided to change the direction of my Tuesdays.

Since getting my sushi dinner every Tuesday always manages to perk me up in the mood dept.,
From here forward - I dedicating Sushi Tuesdays to that little extra special something that puts a smile on my (or your) face.

You know - like when the cashier doubles your grocery coupon just just because OR the clerk at Dunkin Donuts who makes your coffee with just the perfect amount of sugar and cream without having to ask.

What's YOUR extra special something??????????????????????????????????


Physically, I am one big bloated crampy mess!
AF is reeking utter havoc in my uterus - I swear I feel like she has a soccer match going on in there. The stupid bitch is tiring the heck out of me!


We Finished up our adoption classes last night - HALLELUJAH!!!! The topic covered was the affect of adoption/foster on the primary family. The instructor focused much more on just adoption in this session then she had in previous sessions. It was good to get a bit more insight into the adoption end of things and to receive some info on what to expect.

As a bonus, we ended up creating a connection with another couple in that class that lives somewhat nearby and we exchanged numbers so that we can keep in contact.
I think it will be good to have friends who are going through the same things we will be going through - at least we can support one another!


Have I told you all that I absolutely LOVE my new family doctor , Dr. J?

My husband started seeing this doc when he got diagnosed with Diabetes and I met her on his first visit. Recently my old family doc decided to close her practice (she is staying home with her kids now) and I had to find a new doc. I switched over to her practice and am totally thrilled with her care. She is young, very laid back, a great listener and is just very sweet.

Anyhoo.................I managed to drag myself this morning to my follow-up appt. to have my BP re-checked.

At my appt. Dr. J gave me good news and not-so-good news:

The good news is that my pressure is definitely coming down. The not-so-good news (not gonna say bad) is that I have to double my dose of medication because it's still not back to normal.
All in all not a bad appointment!

I was going to head off this afternoon to an appt. with the new therapist however that was canceled due to an emergency on her end. I will have to reschedule.


Not much else going on in the land of Geneva ( and that's Geneva, Ohio - Kate, since you asked)

Gonna go try and tackle a bit more of the dreaded paperwork!!



Anonymous said...

My something special is when Shug secretly makes my lunch in the morning. He leaves notes on the alarm pad to make sure that I check the refrigerator. He doesn't do often, but I love it when he does.

I have a lot more, but I'll save them for future Tuesdays. =)

So glad that you guys wrapped up your adoption classes & made new friends. Everything is falling into place for you guys. What a blessing!

Beautiful Mess said...

HA! I always love your mood report graphics!
I *big puffy* heart Sushi Tuesdays! It's such a random day to look forward to. And I am NOT refreshing my browser waiting for you to post. No matter what your IP address thingy says. SWEAR!
Glad you found a doctor you like. That can be a daunting task, finding a new doctor. YAY for paperwork :-|
My something special is the way Husband and I talk to each other. it isn't "lovey" or "romantic" but it's fun. it just shows that after almost 16 years we can still joke around with each other and KNOW we're kidding. Provided I'm not in PMS mode!
Feel better!

mekate said...

Hey there, Yes Ohio, I finally really looked at your About section, sillykate.

I also finally really looked at your silly sushi picture-- um, for someone who prides myself on attention to detail, I sure failed on several different fronts here! not sure I could eat the bunny.

And, love the fact you love your new Doc, that makes such a difference. Glad your BP is lower, and really glad your classes are over so you can re-equilibrate into your less harried evening schedule!

Sorry your period is kicking your butt, hope you are out of the woods soon. Thankfully it is a limited time engagement, I think of it as short brutal relationship filled with strife and trauma, but at least it is short and not full of too much regret. But it can also be filled with binge eating and hanging out in bed. Now that i think of it, the parallels are striking.

Anyway, one of the things that makes me happiest is paying a toll for the person behind me. I have had waves and smiles and flashed lights. I hope someday someone will pay for mine at the same toll booth, then I will know it has come full circle.

take care sweet Jenn,