Saturday, June 6, 2009

Show & Tell - Saturday news in a nutshell

It's Saturday once again - come one - come all...........Join in the fun! Let's see what random pics Jenn can come up with this week shall we? Oh and and by the way.....don't forget to visit Mel over at STIRRUP QUEENS to check out what she and all the other cool kids are showing at the head of THEIR class!

It's been fairly uneventful this week - work, home, adoption classes, hubby, the kitties, repeat!

I tried with all my might (well maybe a bit of might) to think this week about what I might actually put in this week's Show & Tell - I was hoping for something spontaneous and funny or something heartwarming and touching OR even something just plain silly!

Well.....I ended up with nothing - a big old goose egg - nothing but negatory! You get the idea.

So here it was Saturday and I am frantically wracking my brain and old pics for something Show & Tell worthy.

Nothing here.....nothing there.....shoot....nothing there either darn it!

What's an Infertile-hopeful-adoptive-parent-to-be to do?

Come on....take a guess!

You know you want to!

Got an idea?

Think hard! (I bet you are closer than you think)

Oh YES I did.....I totally dressed up the Zoey cat!

Call it deep rooted insanity or total baby-longing transference - I call it adorable!
I mean really..........who can blame me? I really think the cheerleader outfit brought out the best in her! Can't you tell from the pics?
(Well maybe not - since I sincerely think she looks pissed and totally over it)

Thank goodness kittens have short memories - GOD, I really hope that is correct!!!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

Hugs and love!



one-hit_wonder said...

When in doubt, a kitty post always works! ;)

Lollipop Goldstein said...

That totally cracked me up.

There have been times that I've walked around the house with a camera in hand thinking what the hell am I going to show.

tireegal68 said...

sweet and very patient kitty you have got!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

*wishing I had a pet to dress up for Show & Tell*

Very Cute! :)

Cara said...

I don't think our kitties, correction- kittY, would go for it. But, I bet the girls would!!!

I'm a compulsive show and teller...I usually know by Wednesday. Adict is spelled many ways.

ak_sapphire said...

very cute! my puppy LOVES being dressed up, but i don't think i'd even have the patience to put an outfit on a cat.

Beautiful Mess said...

AHAHAHAHAH!!!! I love it! I'm totally saving one of those pictures and sending it to my phone so I can show Darth on Monday! He will just love that his girlfriend dressed up in something so "cute" *AHEM* for him.

Kristin said...

Bwahahaha...see, at least I had the excuse of being in elementary school when I use to dress up our big old tom cat in baby doll dresses. Too cute.

The Steadfast Warrior said...

That's awesome!!! I used to dress up on of our cats when i was younger. In fact I used to dress him up in a yellow velour sleeper that was mine.

Definitely a creative and fun last minute idea. Even if Zoey doesn't look too impressed.

Fat Chick said...

OMG, that was toooooo cute. I wish I could dress my cats up. Sadly, I think I'd end up mauled to death. Or else afraid to go to sleep!!!

Parenthood For Me said...

i love putting tshirts on my dog. She hates it but it is adorable!

JuliaS said...


Cute little kitty!

Delenn said...

That was sooo cute! Yes, kitty posts are the ticket to laughter!

Cassandra said...

Ha! The only cheerleading my cat has ever done is attacking some pom-poms. She definitely liked that more than she would like dressing up.

imafishey said...

I LOVE IT!! Zoey looks like she didn't mind playing dress up.

Too cute! =)