Monday, June 15, 2009

Playground, Paperwork, and Zoey - OH MY!!!

It's Monday and I finally managed to get enough time and energy to post!!! AMEN!!!

Let's see.......where was I? Oh yeah - I left you all a short Saturday post with promises of great stories to come. Gotta keep those promises!!

First off - can I just say - Yea-Freakin-Haw!!! - tonight is our LAST adoption pre-service class. No more running in the door - scarfing down dinner and running right back out to class.

The flip side of my excitement over being done with classes is this nasty feeling I get every time I look at the mountain of paperwork that Jim and I will have to tackle in order to get our Homestudy started. It is pretty daunting to say the least! I will just have to tackle it a bit at a time or else I will lose my mind!
(Breathe out.....good-now go to your happy place.......ahhhhhh....there it is!!!)

In other news - I promised you all a re-cap of my Saturday - so without for ado:

About a month ago, The City of Geneva's rec dept. was able to secure a grant to be able to put in a totally new playground. Our rec dept. director worked long and hard to get this grant and finally we got the okay. Once we had everything ordered and ready to go - an article was placed in our local paper announcing a "community playground build" day.

It was absolutely amazing the amount of calls and support that started pouring in from citizens and local businesses in the area. Without ever having to ask - donation promises of coffee, donuts, pizza (from 4 different places), chips, water, juice, etc started pouring in. People also just called to lend their services as well. It was so cool!!!! Part of why I love my small town of GENEVA!!!

Our little community just came together to make this day happen - and it did and it was good!

This past Saturday was the actual build day - we all started around 8:30am.
I had volunteered to be the "first aid" person for the day since I have the nursing background - all told my duties involved cleaning and bandaging cuts on three different people. (not very eventful but glad it ended up that way)
I also ended up helping piece some of the equipment together as well.

I think we had anywhere from 30-50 people volunteer over the course of the entire day.
It was the perfect amount of help without everyone tripping over one another.

At the end of the day - the whole thing was put together and put up!
Here are few pics over the course of the day:

In my opinion it turned out even better than the poster we had to go off of!!!

I was so grateful to be a part of something like this for my community. I know that it will be used frequently by many families for a long long time. I am also excited at the prospect of someday being able to bring OUR child to this playground and explain to them how mommy helped to build it! Pretty cool eh????


Wow......this post is getting really long - if you are still reading....thanks for hanging in there as I probably would have bailed by now if it were me!


As for the Zoey kitten - what is there to say?
Let's see.....she is now nearly 4 lbs. I truly hope her growth curve slows down a bit in the coming months or we may have a real pudge monster on our hands! She has recently developed a weird fascination with the bathtub and toilet - she loves to watch you when you are in the shower (I know - very weird) She also loves to stand on her hind legs on the toilet and watch it as it flushes. (I know - very very weird) She continues to aggravate the Sh*t out of Babycat every chance she can. Most days, he just tolerates her however I have found them sleeping together which tells me he really DOES love his new sissy!!!

I managed to catch the greatest pic of Zoey this morning - keep in mind that both cats LOVE to play fight and that Baby is shedding up a storm currently. This is how I found Zoey this morning after walking back in the house:

Gotta love it right!!!!

As for me: AF is in town - she rudely woke me up this morning at 1am (bitch) with pretty intense cramps! Nothing like having to get up in the middle of the night for a potty trip, supplies and medication! Joy oh Joy!

So there you have it folks - the long and short of it all!

Tomorrow is chock full of appts - first the doc for my BP which seems to be coming down a bit and the new therapist to help me "work through my infertility grief"
Promise to report back tomorrow!!!



Beautiful Mess said...

You and your town did an AMAZING job on the playground! Good work! Glad there were only minor injuries. YAY for classes, boo for MORE paperwork. Stay in your happy place, hon! You can do this!! ACK! Tell AF to be nice to MY friend! Or she'll find herself in a WORLD of hurt!
Feel better!

mekate said...

Sorry about the cramps!
Wonderful play ground! you must all be so proud. I would come and play on it myself. Geneva as in Geneva NY? I lived in Rochester for a long long time a long long time ago.

As for the paperwork, yes, one sheet at a time, breathe, and know that each thing you do is one thing off the list-- each step counts.

Hope your BP is behaving a little better and that you find relief in the therapy. I hate what this journey does to us, but I am pleased for the community it forges.

Take care Jenn and thanks for the hugs! Hugs to you too-
PS my cat plays in the toilet all the time, so I cannot judge Zoey.