Saturday, June 13, 2009

Community outreach and the wonder twins!!!

The Wonder Twins
"What Mom??? We weren't doing anything!!!!

Can you believe how much bigger The Zoey kitten has gotten??? I mean look at her compared to Babycat - it's scary considering she's only a bit over 3 months old. I really think she is going to give Baby a run for his money in terms of the weight dept. Our nickname for him is "fat cat" but that might have to change if "she" keeps eating like she has been.

I felt the need to put something on the blog today however it will have to be short.
Why does it have to be short you ask???? Let me explain!
You see I spent the entire day doing a community playground build for The City of Geneva.
I was the designated first aid volunteer - though I did much more than that.
I promise that after I regain some energy and get some sleep - I will provide all the wonderful details as it is a great story most definitely worth telling!

It's amazing what a full day in the sun will do to you!!!
(Yes folks.......I wore sunscreen and drank PLENTY of fluids)

For now - I am going to jump in the shower, clean myself up, and head directly to bed!

Ahhhh sweet bed - I will enjoy every moment when I slip under your covers tonight!!!

Until tomorrow folks!


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Beautiful Mess said...

HA! I love the look on Babycat's face. He's like "WHAT? She did it NOT me!" And Zoey's look is like "uhh yeah, what he said. No, wait!" lol Glad you wore sunscreen, good girl. I can't wait to read more bout your day! Sounds like fun. Get some rest, hon!