Sunday, June 28, 2009

Making addicts out of my cats AND my mom........

Back off my stash b*tch~!!!

See Zoey?...............See Zoey on Catnip?.............See Zoey get a WICKED case of the munchies and aggravate the crap out of Baby cat! (Don't ya just LOVE the eyes?)

(Not my proudest feline mommy moment-however definitely the one I laughed hardest about)


I have a feeling this post will be a real mish mosh of thoughts, ideas and pic - fair warning!

Sorry for my unmotivated blogging as of late - I think I am still trying to catch up from my hospital stay and to be honest, not too much has been going on with me that is blog worthy.
That is definitely fine with me as I am really would just like to be put on cruise control for awhile.

We have not moved forward with the adoption paperwork. We are waiting to get my health stuff all straightened around. I am thinking that within the month all should be well and we can then change gears at that time. At this point a bit more waiting is really nothing big - I mean in the grand scheme of this IF journey - a month is a drop in the bucket.

Most importantly though, I want to be in a good physical, emotional AND spiritual space before really digging in to the next step in our journey. I know that time will come.


I have my surgeon follow-up appt. tomorrow (the first one got cancelled due to her being stuck in surgery all day) I am anxious to see what comes out of that appt.

Mom is coming up to visit me in the morning before my appt. - well actually - she is coming to make a visit to one of the local clothing stores- CATO'S- in my area that she does not have by her. I am just going with her. The last time I took her there to do some shopping she ended up with the motherload (hehe - just realized I made a funny there.....motherload...hehe!) of clothes for an outrageously cheap price. I think I got her hooked on the place!!!! I guess I should feel bad about getting her hooked but honestly the only person I feel bad for is my father when he has to pay the bill! C'est La Vie!!!


Other than her new catnip addiction which we are going to have to work on, she has found a few more new fixations to focus all her attention on.

One new fixation is the sink in the bathroom - she is very fascinated by watching the faucet. If you turn on the water just barely, she gets amazingly excited and tries to lick the stream of water. She usually ends up getting frustrated trying to put her head under the faucet so she takes her paw and soaks it, then licks it. It's really quite amusing to watch.

Here is a pic of her in bathroom...................................

Her second new fixation is her (well it USED to be mine) stuffed monkey buddy! This little guy has been hanging around our house for quite some time and apparently last week, Zoey discovered him. They are now BEST of friends as evidenced by the way she carries him around.
She loves to wrestle with him and to take him into her kitty condo as well.

Here is a pic of her wrestling with monkey...........

Not much else to share - will try and beef up my blogging, I promise!!!



Beautiful Mess said...

Love the pictures! Catnip is an amazing thing! Hope you're appointment goes well. Sending you lots of good JUJU!

mekate said...

hey sweetie, just checking in on you--
love the cat photos, but am thinking more about you than your adorable demon kitty.

sending love and hugs and hopes that you are feeling better in every way.