Thursday, June 4, 2009

The great midnight escape caper.....

As I write this "the monster" is laying on my hands purring!
So I was incredibly tired last night and decided around 9pm to head upstairs to watch TV in bed.
Hubby does his nightly ritual of taking his meds, locking up the house and then grabbing "spasticat" and putting her in her room for the night. (this is no small feat sometimes!)

Hubby then heads upstairs and joins me in bed to watch some TV as well.

We are laying there quietly for about an hour and ....dum dum dum........all of a sudden:
It was like something out of a horror movie!

I hear a noise
Hubby hears a noise
We look at one another - shrug it off
Continue to watch TV

Then BAM!!!! Out of nowhere this hyperactive, spastic, black ball of fur takes a flying leap on to the bed (my side of course) and scares the living daylight out of me!!! (all the while I laughing my butt off) She is running all over the bed like a bat outta hell!!!

You guessed it - she figured out how to escape her "kitty jail"

I scoop the holy terror up and take her back downstairs to return her to her room.
All the while with the hopes that hubby had inadvertently left a crack or tiny escape hatch which can be fixed.


Put her back in her room - put glass storm window across doorway as we have been doing.
Promptly watch Zoey climb up the molding of the doorway and jump out again.
She did have the courtesy of sitting right outside of her room after showing HOW she escaped as if to say..." look what I can do!!!" (kind of like Stuart on Mad TV)

So I pick her up again and march back upstairs......all the while still giggling to myself.
(It is SOOOOOO hard to be mad at this adorable, purring fuzz ball sometimes)

Get upstairs and explain the dilemma to hubby - I had already resigned myself to a sleepless night of booger licking and a fur collar.

Hubby gets up - takes the fur ball with him and heads back downstairs without saying a word.

10 min. later hubby returns, gets into bed without saying a word.

I say, "did you put her back in her room?"
He says, "yep"
I say, "did you figure something else out for the doorway?"
He says, "yep"
I say, "wanna elaborate?"
He says, "you probably don't want to know"

Now my interest is peaked! I bug him til he tells me the following...............................

"Let's just say that Zoey is now PANDA protected"

In order to understand the humor in this you have to know that about a year ago, after watching some unnamed PANDA starring cartoon movie - hubby came across a certain fleece throw blanket featuring said PANDA - which he just HAD to have!
Every time this blanket is in use......hubby says he is "panda protected" (which in husband to English translation means I can't touch him - that's if you were wondering)

I could not imagine what sort of contraption hubby had come up with but soon found out when I got up later to pee.

Hubby had put the storm window back in it's place but had taken the blanket and tacked it up inside the doorway as well. This prevented the fur ball from being able to see out of the room as well as created a much taller barrier. (hubby is very inventive to say the least)

It worked though Zoey was NOT a happy camper - literally throwing herself at the blanket and window for an hour or so. She finally gave up after an hour or so and went to bed.


Sleep at last!

So yeah........this horror movie has a happy "panda-protected" ending!



Beautiful Mess said...

AHAHAHAHA! I can totally picture Zoey making a running leap onto your bed. Darth did that to me yesterday when I went to visit him. He was across the room and made a running leap for my FACE! I freaked out and screamed like a girl and put a pillow in front of my
Glad hubby was so inventive and took care of that little stinker. YAY for the Panda Protection!
P.S. I sent you an email with pictures of Darth. Let me know what Zoey thinks ;o)

mekate said...

betcha betcha betcha the crazed Zoey learns to climb the panda--

too funny! What a cutie pie she is, but sleep is precious.

thanks for sharing the story!