Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Can you believe it's that time again? SUPER SUSHI TUESDAY!!!!
(echo of Tuesday...)
Super Sushi Tuesday is dedicated to ALL things "Fertility Forbidden"

Leave a comment with one thing for the week that you have given up, quit, cut down on, long for, miss dearly, wish you could have, etc.

This is where I step in for you! Since hubby and I are on the road to adoption and not actively TTC anymore.....I will GLADLY be your "sushi surrogate"
In other words - I will selflessly indulge all your "fertility forbidden fantasies" for you!

This week I figured since I have been on "kitten picture overload" that this sushi pic was perfect!

The "fertility forbidden" food of the week is: Kraft Bagelful's - They are yummy!!!!


Life around here has been pretty average as of late - which to be honest is nice for a change.
For awhile there it was pretty up and down - I am just hoping that things stay on the boring side
for a bit. I would LOVE a "bit more boring, run-of-the-mill" stuff coming our way.

We went to our adoption class last night - pretty cut & dry stuff there. Only two more classes left and then on to the whole home study process! Ugghhhhhhhh!!!!

I did finally contact an adoption lawyer in Cleveland for a phone consult. I really liked what I heard after speaking with her and set up an appt. to meet with her to discuss our options.
Our biggest concern at this time is trying to navigate the Ohio law in regards to adoption advertising. Basically the law in Ohio states that the only people who may do adoption advertising are: licensed agencies & licensed adoption attorneys. No private individual or couple my advertise on their own behalf.

Now understanding the kind of person that I am & how badly I want to help in this process - that law totally frustrated the heck out of me. I had researched, read, looked up info, and talked to other couples who adopted privately about their networking plan. I was so confused as how to interpret this law for us, so as not to get into trouble.

After speaking with this attorney however, I finally got some piece of mind about this.
She basically told me that this law has an enormous amount of gray area to it - that because the "type" of advertising is not spelled out - there is much room for interpretation.

I came away from this conversation feeling fairly secure in setting up a plan to help us network that included some types of advertising. Being pro-active in this has allowed me to feel a bit more "control" of this process. There are so many things that are "out of my control" that having even a tiny bit of "control" thrown my way has meant a lot.


On a completely different topic:
Anyone else out there having a "I'm feeling shlumpy and old" week?
The kind of week where you keep looking in the mirror and playing with your hair?
Or pulling back on the sides of your face to see what a nip/tuck would look like?
I could go on and on......but I know you ladies get the idea!

I am SOOOOOO there - however today I finally decided to do what any hot-blooded, feeling old & shlumpy woman does when they are feeling like that:

Take a trip to the beauty salon - and so I did - and it was good!

I took the unnerving plunge of going to a different salon in town this time. I even told the receptionist when I called that I wanted them to hook me up with a stylist who "could bring back a bit of my funky old self" (....the receptionist laughed but promptly mentioned a specific stylist and set up the appt.)
Totally did an overhaul in the color dept - went from medium brown with blond and reddish highlights on top to an overall deep brown mahogany color with just the slightest touch of blondish highlights in front. The color was put on over my old highlights which gave my hair several different shades on the brown/mahogany color - it is pretty cool.

The cut was pretty cool and the stylist actually showed me the best way to style it! (love that) Got all my facial waxing done too just to make sure things looked polished.

All in all I was truly pleased with the result and ended up coming out of it, depleted in $$ but with a bit more bounce in my step which I feel is priceless!

(oh and if you were hoping for pics - sorry - I just don't do self pics well - maybe another day)

That's all for now -



Beautiful Mess said...

Kitty sushi picture is GREAT! I love it! Glad you feel like you've gained some control over everything AND you got your hair did! I was very disappointed there were no picture of your new do, but I guess I understand *sigh*
My week has been anything but boring. I'm hoping for a boring day tomorrow, maybe.

Sushi Tail said...

The kitty bento looks great, but as a pet owner, I wouldn't feel right about sticking my fork in the belly of the kitty.