Thursday, July 9, 2009

Show & Tell - Protection and the purse

Hi boys and girls - it's that time again!
Time for SHOW & TELL a la MEL!
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For Show & Tell this week, I have two things to share - yep - there is nothing in the rules that says I can't share two things and gosh darn it I am going to this week!
There - I have spoken!

The first thing on my sharing table is my new, fabulous purse!
You may be saying to yourself - "........didn't she just unveil her new Coach purse awhile ago?"
"What on earth can she be doing with yet ANOTHER purse?"
Well here is the story.

After using my Coach purse for over a month - I discovered it was NOT user friendly!
The way the purse was designed - it had a very small zippered opening to the main pocket which
was really a pain to get into.
There was a buckle that went over the top of the zipper and it always got in the way when I was trying to get something out of my purse. I also could not see into the purse as well.
In any case - a few weeks ago on my shopping foray with mom - I noticed this absolutely lovely
(albeit large) purse at Cato's that I fell in love with.

I did not get the purse that day with my mom however happened to conveniently
"mention" this loveliness to my dear husband.

Surprise, surprise, surprise - a few days later he comes home with it for me!
(I love that man - oh yes I do!)

It may have only been $19.99 as opposed to the $$$$ that was spent on the Coach purse
however it is PURPLE ya'll! PURPLE I say!
And the best part (besides that I own it now) is that it is huge and easy to get into!

P.S. - selling the Coach purse on Ebay


The second part of Show & Tell is a set of pictures which I took while on our
short gambling run this week.

Keep in mind that I am NOT what you might call "worldly" and that the smallest &
weirdest things tend to amuse the heck out of me!

About half way through our gambling foray - I had to pee and headed off to the restroom.
When I entered the stall - I about fell over - that is how impressed I was.
Let me share the bathroom stall pics (nothing gross here I promise!)

How totally cool is that? An automatic refreshing set cover that you activate by waving your hand in front of the green sensor!
I obviously had NEVER seen anything quite like that and was way impressed!
My friend Linda was in the stall next to me when I was ogling the toilet -

She said " I bet you are going to take a pic of that - aren't you?" I said " you bet your ass I am as it's Show & Tell material my dear"

Nothing like taking picture of a toilet stall to prove your insanity to the world!
There you have it - PROTECTION and the PURSE!




Suzy said...

Loooove that purse! I'm a purse girl too!

MamaMiaMelissa said...

i've seen those kind of toilets/covers before. kind of cool. what i think it amazing is that you took pictures of it!!!!!!!!!! ROFL. ;-)

cute purse too, good hubby.


imafishey said...

Hubby did good, that purse is really cute!!

I love the toilet picture! Once again, you've made my day. Thank you! =)

WiseGuy said...

Love that purse...I myself love to use big purses, coz I am crammer! Everything goes in, and gets cleaned once every month or so!

And the T, Ahem!

The Steadfast Warrior said...

People seriously underestimate the lengths we will go in the name of good S&T material. I mean really, it's not *that* insane, is it?

Hubby scored some serious points there. Mine wouldn't even know which one I was talking about even if I showed him. Well, maybe he would but he wouldn't go buy it for me.

Malky B. said...

Nice purse. There's nothing like a purse that's both pretty and functional. Enjoy.

Beautiful Mess said...

Oh I love your new purse! It's big, purple and totally cute! Tell hubby I said good work! I've never seen an automatic toilet seat cover before! I think I need to get out more often because that's way cool! I would've taken a pic of it

Cara said...

Oh My Gosh! That wave-seat-cover thing is soooo awesome. I would just play, and play and play!!!!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Ok... I admit I'm not a shoe & handbag girl. I just don't get it, but your hubby gets some serious bonus points for getting it for you! And the toilet seat cover... I've seen one in an airport (I think Chicago) a couple years ago. They are the craziest thing! (and I would so take a pic of it for S&T)

wifey said...

I absolutely love those seat cover thingys.

And damn, your husband needs to teach mine a lesson because that was mighty cool of him!

mekate said...

your mood report avatar? AWESOME!

thanks for making me smile,


Lollipop Goldstein said...

One can never have too many purses regardless. And purple is a happy colour.

See the beauty of show and tell? Why else would one show such a cool toilet :-) I did the same thing last year at Hershey Park with the world's highest flusher.

Flying Monkeys said...

I'm impressed by how clean that toilet looks!

Great purse! I never carry one and I should. Good luck selling your other one.