Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday America!!!


Happy July 4th to all my USA bloggy friends!!! I hope your weekend is filled with cook-outs, good friends/family and plenty of cool fireworks to ooh and ahhh over!!!


I know I have already asked this of all my bloggy friends but I am going to ask again because it is desperately needed........Please say a few extra prayers if you can spare them for my friend RALPH - If you missed my post about him, he is in end stage liver disease and is waiting on a liver transplant at the Cleveland Clinic - you can read about him HERE. This is a truly sweet, loving and beautiful man with a tremendous wife and extended family. I am selfish and DON'T want to lose him from my life.

If it is in the cards for him, PLEASE pray that liver becomes available to him soon as his condition is very shaky right now.

In some ways, It is difficult and awkward to be praying for a liver to become available to him because obviously it means someone has to die for that to happen.
I just pray that if someone does lose their life and is an organ donor, that Ralph will be on the receiving end of that precious gift!



In other news, my once very tiny, adorable baby Zoey kitten has now morphed into a HUGE, A.D.D, obnoxious, misbehaving toddler of a cat. I am thinking it would be akin to having a child in the 2-3 yr old range in the house. She is IN to everything that she should not be into - does NOT choose to understand or listen to the word - NO, and is basically driving BABY CAT absolutely freakin NUTS! It is so unbelievably difficult to discipline this monster however because of her little kitten face. She just gives me these eyes and a quiet little purr - I turn to mush every time.

Here are a few new pics:

Zoey in the dishwasher

Trying to grab a cool drink in the kitchen sink
"Look how adorable I am mom"


On the IF/ADOPTION front - we are still in the completing paperwork phase of our adoption stuff. Hopefully this final surgery will alleviate the medical problems I have been having and we can move forward.

As I was sitting here writing this I realized something surprising - that I had NO idea where I was in my cycle and had to look at my calendar to figure it out. HOLY SHIT!!!
That I don't know when or if I had ovulated this month - DOUBLE HOLY SHIT!!!
And most importantly, that hubby and I actually HAD SEX when we wanted, for no other reason than because we wanted to - TRIPLE HOLY BAT SHIT!!!
Kind of nice for a change though!

Since we are now on the SEX subject and I just finished giving you the lo down on Zoey....let me share a story which I find hilarious........weird & freaky but hilarious for sure!

If you are faint of heart or easily embarrassed - DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER! You will need to put on your very best visualization glasses for this one...........

The other day - hubby and I were in bed and getting all sorts of frisky just doing our thing........we both had forgotten that the Zoey monster was running loose in the house and that our bedroom door was open.

Well I was ......ahem.......trying to warm hubby up and had my head south of the border if you know what I mean.

All of a sudden, hubby starts laughing - and I mean really laughing- As I am a very determined lady when it comes to this area of my life, I did not stop what I was doing but rather used my peripheral vision to try and see what hubby was laughing about.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Zoey just sitting there - cute as a button - following every single movement of head. I watched her, watching me- her head bobbing up and down - up and down. Of course, I completely lost it and fell over in a fit of giggles.

I think it took a good five minutes for both hubby and I to recover enough from our laughter to move on so to speak.

NOTE TO SELF: Close bedroom door during adult activities!!!




Beautiful Mess said...

Happy fourth of July! Have a great day and be safe! Prayers coming to your friend, hon. I don't think it's even possible to be out of prayers!

OMG! I am cracking up over Zoey copying you! AHAHAHAHAHA! We ALWAYS shut our door. No need to have any voyeurs, lol

Suzy said...

I completely cracked up at your Zoey comment. Too funny!

Saying a prayer for your friend.

at not a fertile myrtle

imafishey said...

OMG I needed that laugh!! Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!!

And I'm praying for your friend Ralph.