Thursday, July 30, 2009

Show & Tell - What holds a kitten together!

Hi boys and girls - it's that time again!
Time for SHOW & TELL a la MEL!
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So little is going on here lately which has caused my temporary lapse in blogging. Well that and the fact that this was my first week back to work after my surgery - I think I truly underestimated just how tired I would be.

In any case, for S & T this week I decided that since I have already subjected you all to pictures of my surgical scars, I would show off the next best thing........Zoey's post-spay surgical incision.

Aren't you excited? (hearing crickets out there!)

Her whole kitten belly is shaved

She has just enough hanging sutures that she is trying with all her might to chew them loose. I will be really surprised if she makes it past a few more days without pulling them out. If we get through another week without a trip to the vet, I will be so happy. Hubby suggested putting one of those chew collar/cone thingys around her neck to keep her from chewing. I can't even discuss that possibility without totally cracking up.


I did want to send out some more prayers to my dear friend Linda - She just underwent gallbladder removal surgery. Lots of hugs and prayers for quick healing!!! Love ya hon!


Not too much else to share - life is quiet - hoping to keep it that way!




Beautiful Mess said...

Awww look at that cute kitty belly! The collar thingy was my first thought, too. Which totally made me crack up, as well! LOL she'd be SO pissed off at you two!

minority midwife said...

I wasn't ready to see that, lol. I should have been warned by the crickets, lmao.

BTW- your current security word for me to type in is "hymen" is that freaky?!?

mekate said...

tiny little t-shirt?

good lord,
I am so sorry you pooped yourself out-- I do the same, feel better? Do a lot! wait a minute (the body says) not that much!

Hope you get some good rest and are able to ease back into your busy pace. And hope Zoey does not rip anything out.

thank you for sending hugs and loves and fertility dances my way, you are so incredibly sweet to me.

THANK YOU, truly,