Monday, July 27, 2009

They grow up so quickly............

Today was surgery day for the Zoey cat.

The official news is that she is A- OKAY!!! She came through her surgery with flying colors and will be spending the night for observation. We get to pick her up tomorrow after 3pm. I cannot wait to have her back home and curled up with me!

Although I knew it was the right thing to do for her health and all, I still felt sooooooooo guilty, sad and anxious! I even made hubby be the one to drop her off at the vet so that I wouldn't have listen to her pitiful & tortured cries on her trip there.

So yea I admit it - I am a TOTAL fur mama WUS!

It sucked waking up this morning and not having her there to greet me. Even hubby seemed to be missing her too - he called a few times this afternoon to check if I had heard anything. He is a very good Fur Daddy!!

So now both Zoey and I have healing tummies - like mother like daughter.


Thanks for all the prayers that went out for my friends!

KIM was discharged from the hospital this morning - she is doing much better and was able to avoid having to have surgery - WOOT!!!


Hubby and I did a lot of running around this weekend catching up on stuff for the house.
We went down to visit Mom & Dad yesterday in Akron. My brother and my four nephews were there too. It is a total MADHOUSE with the boys - their ages are 9 mths, 4 yrs, 8 yrs, and 11 yrs old respectively.

Let me sum up the afternoon with them:

1. Loud continuous talk, shouting or crying depending on the moment
2. Non-stop grazing and eating except for the 8 yr old who eats next to nothing
3. Dripping water everywhere from usage of Grammy & Pappies hot tub
4. Numerous appearances by small white naked butts and mini man jewels
5. Hysterical laughter & shrieks of delight after above mentioned "naked time"
6. Show & Tell of Aunt Jenn's surgical scars - too COOL!
7. Excellent baby snuggle time with the 9 mth old
8. Several unprompted wet hugs and I love you's

All in all not a bad day!


Life is pretty quiet right now - which is okay with me. I am really ready to get back to my day to day routine. It's amazing how you take for granted your routine until it is thrown off!

I am looking forward to re-starting our adoption process. I want to get that darned paperwork tackled and our adoption profile website up and running. It seems like that stuff has just been hanging out there in limbo-land. We have to pull in the reigns and get moving.


I seem to be typing, erasing and re-typing like a fiend today - As a result, I am going to call it quits for the moment. Maybe my blogging Mojo will come back tomorrow - We shall see!



Delenn said...

Wishing Zoey a speedy recovery.

Sounds like a mad house with the nephews!

Yay for paperwork mojo!

Beautiful Mess said...

I hope you're mojo is back! I love reading your words. Even though you have to hit delete a few times ;o)

Glad Zoey's surgery went well. Get better soon Zoey AND mommy!

Ahhhh little naked butts..too cute! I got some snuggles in this week with two 8 month olds. It's so fun. Melts everything away, doesn't it?

Beautiful Mess said...

Oh and I'm glad your friend didn't have to go through surgery! Wishing her a speedy recovery, as well.