Friday, July 24, 2009

A kitten goes to jail

Today's post is a tale of kitten gone wrong.

A kitten that started out on the RIGHT side of the tracks and in a loving home.
With a loving mom & dad and the best of everything, she wanted for nothing!

Then one day she made a wrong turn and a bad choice only to find herself BUSTED with no where to turn.

Ladies and Gentlemen: I will let YOU decide!


Okay folks: since you did such a great job of sending support and prayers before, I am going to reach out and ask again.

I have two friends in need of positive healing thoughts and prayers:

1. My friend Kim - she is dealing with advanced Crohn's disease and is in the hospital with a pretty bad flare up. She may have to undergo bowel resection surgery.

2. My friend Rob - He has been facing a tremendous amount of health issues over the last few years, and just recently "flunked" his second cardiac stress test. He will probably have to undergo another cardiac cath at the very least.



As for me : I am doing much better each day - the belly is healing well although it is all shades of colors. Kind of interesting looking to be honest. The fatigue is the only thing that is really lingering still but I know that it will get better.

My brain is starting to get antsy again which means I have been in the house entirely too long.
I think I will try to pin hubby down to spend some time with me this weekend working on our adoption paperwork. I would like to get some of that finished up.

Really looking forward to heading back to work and to hopefully a "healthy rest of 2009"
That's the plan for now!



Beautiful Mess said...

Bad (adorable) kitten! Glad you're feeling better. Even though you're a bit restless.

Prayers coming to your friends from me!

mekate said...

Zoey is soo busted
and I will think of your friends and wish them well,
and you! here's to a healthy everything (not just 2009!)

antsy brain is a good sign, hope your fatigue wears off soon.

warmly and THANK You for making me laugh my ass off today with that email. that was so silly, just what I needed.


Megan said...

Aren't cats fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Zoey is hilarious!!

I will definitely keep your friends lifted in prayer.

I'm so glad that you're feeling better. Thanks again for all the hugs. I'm feeling a lot better these days. =)