Saturday, September 19, 2009

Zoey reduces her carbon footprint.......

I did not know she was so earth conscience.
Who woulda' thunk?


Mood report:


Beautiful Mess said...

Zoey is getting sun drunk! I love it when cats do that. Totally cracks me up every time.

I'm bored, too. Wanna come over and we can bake some lemon bars and paint each others nails?

mekate said...

your neighbor dogs are adorable! and you, sweetie pie, well dang-- the grief things sucks rocks, and it just does. It is not your fault or your creation--
bless your mom for being there for you
and good for you for taking care of yourself by taking yourself out of the situation and driving away. It is really so incredibly hard to do what we need to do for ourselves no matter what, and espeically hard, I find, when I am feeling vulnerable. So GOOD FOR YOU>

My crazed cat and I have been soaking up the sun this morning, he is now asleep on a pillow in the sunshine and I am heading off to work. I just wanted to get caught up after days of intermittent access.

Sending love and hugs and deep breaths and a wish to you for a wonderful day,