Thursday, September 24, 2009

Show & Tell - I am so "grapeful" today!!!

Here we are again boys and girls - SHOW & TELL a la Mel - the time of the week where you get to show off all your great stuff and see what everyone else is showing too!

Don't forget to pop on over to MEL'S STIRRUP QUEENS to see all the goodies!!!


This weeks S & T is all about my support for a wonderful annual event that takes place this weekend in my home town of Geneva, Ohio. It is called THE GRAPE JAMBOREE~!

Let me give you a bit of background:
Apparently (and as I have learned since moving to Geneva) grape growing takes the perfect combination of weather and soil in order to yield a healthy vineyard. As it turns out - my tiny little sleeper town of Geneva meets all those conditions. In our county, we have somewhere around 8-10 winery's and probably closer to 15 vineyards. Not too shabby when you consider that this OHIO and not...let's say.......California.

The Geneva Grape Jamboree celebrates the harvesting of the local grapes. Visitors may taste freshly squeezed grape juice, wine, and various other grape products. It is full of some of the best assortment of fried fair foods you have ever had, rides, games, booths, parades and more.

This is the 46th year this festival is being celebrated.....which I think is fabulous!!!
Now to my S & T which is why you are all here.
Yesterday I decided to go all out and show my support for this great festival . I decked myself out in my best "grapey" ensemble before I headed off to work and this is how I looked......

Now if you are asking yourself why I chose to do my "grapey" best during the middle of the week - I will remind you fair readers that I am scheduled for surgery Thursday afternoon. I did NOT want to miss out in showing MY support so I just did it a bit early. The best part was that no one in town blinked an eye when I made my rounds yesterday. Everyone just LOVED IT!!

P.S. - Trying to paint a bunch of grapes on your face at 7:15am with the kitten from HELL getting into your paint - is not as easy as it looks! I would not recommend it to anyone!


I will hopefully only be in the hospital a few days but the internet connection there is touchy at best - I won't be posting til I am home from the hospital. I am aiming for this time next week!
I promise to catch up my bloggy reading then.

Hugs and Smooches til then my friends!



Anonymous said...

You are so adorable, I love the grapey attire!! =)

I'm praying that surgery will be successful and your recovery swift.

*Big Hug*

Suzy said...

That is so awesome! I love the grapes!

Hope your surgery is a success and you heal quickly.


areyoukiddingme said...

Awesome! I hope your surgery goes well and you are back to celebrating grapes soon!

UK,AC,&CM said...

We'll be thinking of you and hoping that you're up and around soon.

Beautiful Mess said...

Awesome grapes! Nice work!

Wishing you all the best today. Sending you lots of love and good thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I'm very impressed with your self-painted grapes! I have zero artistic ability whatsoever! lol Thanks for your comment on my blog!

Anonymous said...

You made me cry again!! I thank God for you MyFriend. I truly truly THANK GOD for you! You are a special woman, and I'm blessed to have you as a Friend.

I pray you're doing well. I'm sitting patiently waiting for you to post soon.

mekate said...

you look great in purple, and did you have surgery last week?
Are you feeling any better or still shitty from the surgery itself? I hate that you have felt so crappy for so long. Wishing you a fast recovery, and sending love,
THANK YOU for your support while I flail.