Friday, August 28, 2009

Show & Tell + Ink Me = a lazy lady!

Hi boys and girls - it's that time again...a bit late this week but here nonetheless!
Time for SHOW & TELL a la MEL!
Don't forget to click on over and check out what the rest
of the class is showing!

This week I decided to put together S & T with INK ME..........The great ALI Ink Tour 2009 courtesy of Kristen over at Dragondreamer's Lair.

(Since my energy has been in the pooper....I figured why not do both together!)


This is the story of my tattoo's!

Tattoo #1 - On upper right breast: Done by a very poor tattoo artist (see pic) Still holds meaning in my heart because -
A. It's a Jewish star B. It was my first (at age 19) C. It made my father crazy!

Tattoo #2 - On upper right arm: My celestial sun -the all time favorite tattoo!! (age 22) It has faded a lot over the years but originally had rainbow colored rays all the way around! If you look closely, you can see them. I will get it re-colored one day!

Tattoo #3 - Outer left ankle: Done to cover a surgical scar. (age 24) It hurt the worst out of all the tattoo's I had done however (and I am not proud to admit this) I was totally under the influence at the time which made it more tolerable. (Oh the things I admit here)
I wanted something to tie in with my sun tattoo and this is what the tattoo artist came up with.

Since I forced my loving Bear to take all these pics for me....he got all excited and begged me to take a pic of HIS tattoo to post......I happily obliged!

Bear's Tattoo - left outer calf: It's the clown from the music group (and I use that set of terms loosely) The I.nsane Clown P.osse. He loves them and felt (in a mid twenties fervor) that he had to get their "clown" pic inked on him! Don't you just love his hairy legs? I do!

There you have it folks - S&T + INK ME!!!!





Anonymous said...

That's a great idea for Show & Tell! Isn't it amazing how each our tatts tells a story? Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you're back to posting! =)

mekate said...

I LOVE your sun-- totally love it.
and how great to share this for show and tell!

Sorry you are still feeling low-- I hope you feel better soon sweetie, I really do.

sending love (always!)

Kristin said...

I love your tats. I'm highly amused by Bear's tat. Love the kitty pic...very sweet.

Beautiful Mess said...

Oooohhhh great tats! I love the sun, I can see the colors and they're so beautiful!