Friday, August 14, 2009

Technical difficulties with this life....

Well folks has certainly been awhile and all I can say is that today is honestly the first day I have actually felt up to blogging in about two weeks. My body is continuing to give me problems which I am slowly sorting through. I thought about posting a few times but just had nothing positive, healthy or interesting to say. I erred on the side of saying nothing up til now rather than putting forth my ickiness into the blogosphere.

Today I felt well enough and decided I needed to write ... so here I am.


Life continues to plod along here - adoption plans have obviously been put aside until my medical stuff is sorted out. Each day that has passed seems to add to my overwhelming sense of loss in not being a mom. I wish sometimes I could just live in the now and let that go but I always seem to have to pick up my heart at the end of the day. I have to hold it gently in my hands, clean up all the cracks and breaks and learn to cherish it in all it's imperfections. Not easy to say the least, but just about all I can do from day to day.


Life of the felines is status quo.
Zoey has completely healed up from her surgery - she even managed to leave a few stitches in for me to remove. (good girl) She is a whopping 5+ lbs now and growing everyday!
Babycat is well just plain Babycat.....lazy, chubby and overall low key - at least when Zoey is not making him completely crazy with her antics!


I am losing steam here quick so I will wrap this up with the promise to post again when I feel up to it - hopefully soon!

Thanks to everyone who missed me - love you all!



mekate said...

Missed you a LOT!
And hoping you are healing in all the ways you can. I am sorry things are not going as smoothly as you'd like, or as quickly as I hoped for you!

Take care and be gentle with your fine and wonderful self.

warm wishes to you and gentle hugs.

Beautiful Mess said...

I sent you an email, but I'll comment here too! Because that's how much I love you!

I hope you get everything worked out. I'm pulling for ya, love! Glad the cats are doing well. Zoey just LOOKS like a little stinker. Can't help but love her for that!

mekate said...

just sending love, Jenn.

Anonymous said...

I understand how feeling...all too well. Keeping you in my thoughts & prayers.
*Big Giant Hug*