Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Show & Tell - Monkey Crazy!!

Hi boys and girls - it's that time again!
Time for SHOW & TELL a la MEL!
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Before I share for S & T, I need to give you a run down of my day. Today was NOT a good day for me - physically or emotionally. It did not start out good, and quickly went downhill as my morning progressed. By mid-morning, I was absolutely disgusted, pissed, frustrated and overwhelmed. All of these spontaneous emotions exploded with hysterical crying, ranting to anyone who would listen and a big ole' snot fest for good measure. Thank you medical profession for sending me to this lovely place!

I have been feeling like - "I am so freakin sick of being sick". I have been feeling like my life is never going to get back to normal. I have been having a really hard time - just "liking myself". In the midst of all this, I have just felt like the world's worst wife, daughter, sister, friend, etc.

So now you have an idea of my mindset (scary isn't it?)......

Just when I seemed to be feeling my absolute worst today, something wonderful arrived in the mail. Now hubby had told me to be expecting a package and to NOT look at the return address as it was a gift for me. (Yea for me!) So being the good wife I am, I promptly picked up the package off the front porch WITHOUT looking at the address and put it on the table. I did my very best to keep temptation at bay!

Just a bit later hubby called from work to check on me (although he is used to my insanity, he still checks in on me during my rants) When I told hubby that his "special package" had arrived, he immediately told me to go over while he was on the phone, and open it. I did not put up much of a fight.

So for Show & Tell this week, please allow me to share what my wonderful, fantastic, awesome, cool and loving husband bought me:

YEP - Designer Betsey Johnson monkey earrings!!! Monkey Earrings........Can you FREAKIN' believe it?

I even managed a no make-up, partially grey hair, worn out from sobbing all morning, half-assed smile while wearing this special treat!!!

Needless to mood has MUCH improved!!!!


P.S. Mom - Thank you from the bottom of my heart for shlepping all the way up to Geneva this afternoon and forcing me to make Matzoh ball soup with you. I truly believe the combination of the earrings and soup turned my day around!!!! (You can tell all your friends it was the Matzoh ball soup though) Love you will ALL my heart!




Anonymous said...

I love it! They are so cute! What a great husband that he knew exactly what would make you smile. :)

(FYI something is wrong with your link on Stirrup Queens--I got here via your comment on my blog)

HC said...

Happy ending for a crappy day. Aww, they are so cute :-)

BTW, something is wrong with your link on Stirrup. You might want to check it out.

Suzy said...

What a good ending for a lousy day! I love the earrings!

luna said...

what a sweet hub! I love monkeys too.

Kristin said...

Fabulous earrings and a fabulous husband! I love the smile on your face.

nh said...

Isn't it fantastic when something shows up just when you need it. Hurrah for the husband and the earrings.

T Lee said...

Haha, those earrings are adorable... what a great hubby!

Anonymous said...

Awww My Friend, I'm so sorry that you had a crappy morning! And I'm so glad that hubby and your mom were able to turn it around.

Love the earrings, but that smile is priceless!! Have a wonderful day today. =)

WiseGuy said...

Supercute....Now you can tell your hubby to get you a banana as well! :-)


Minta said...

Those earrings are entirely too cute. And hooray for a hubs that can pick a perfect gift!

Jen said...

cute earrings...gotta love matza ball soup, it's my cure all as well

Beautiful Mess said...

Oh my goodness those are SO cute!!!! I had no idea Betsy Johnson made earrings like that! I love them!

I'm sorry you're feeling sick of being sick. I know that tune, well. Sending you SO much love!
I love you sweetie! Hang in there, I got ya!

Parenthood For Me said...

Those would put a smile on anyone's face. Glad you felt better.

mekate said...

oh sweetie,
The monkeys are so fun! and the photo of you is beautiful, so there. No qualifiers.

So sweet of your darlin to get you those!
and ooooooo home made soup has magical healing powers as well.

Hope you are feeling better Love, and remember how loved you are. NO MATTER WHAT.

Anonymous said...

You're quiet again. I hope all is well. Just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you.
*Big Hug*