Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another dreary day waiting to ovulate...

Hey all,

Still trying to figure this whole blogging process out....yes - I know I am WAY behind the times but everything comes slow to me - Deal with it!

So it's mid-week and I am in the first 2 week period of my cycle which I lovingly call "waiting on the eggie". I am currently cycle day 9 and hoping to "pop that perfect eggie" soon!

What follows here is my description of an average TTC month - *PLEASE NOTE* If you are squeamish - Do not read as you will probably be rather grossed out by all the bodily functions mentioned! You have been warned :)

Nothing like reducing your days to waking up every morning to temp at the same time, checking your cervical mucus, checking your cervical position, setting out your ovulation predictor stick to pee on later (woohoo - so much fun peeing on things - that's a whole other post though) and finally charting all your morning information on your chart online. SUCH FUN!!!!

It's amazing how we have reduced our sex life to "fertile time" sex and "non-fertile time" sex.
Jim has almost gotten to know when we are headed into that 5-7 day fertile time just by looking at me. He has taken to asking me out of the blue...."how is your cervical mucus hon?" - Such a smart ass! I did give Jim the heads up yesterday that we were heading into our "special time".

I do this for a few reasons: 1. To let him have some time to gear up for "on demand" sex (not fun sometimes) 2. To keep him from doing what we call at our house "doing ebay" - LOL. If you need a hint, it involves his hand and his computer. - we need a good supply of strong swimmers for our "special time". Maybe I am selfish but I want the "NAVY SEALS" of his spermies!

So that is the scoop for today - I am hoping to add some more info to the blog as well as do some tweaking. Thanks for reading! HUGS

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