Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just when you thought crocheting was for Granny...'s an actual "Hamburger dress" that was created entirely by crocheting & sewing!
Courtesy of Joy Kampia

Holy imaginative skill batman......I am SOOOOO freakin jealous that someone could be that talented and creative with crochet.


Although I am nowhere near as talented as Joy, I would like to share my latest burst of crochet energy. I believe you might enjoy it - It WAS and IS truly something to behold.

So for your viewing pleasure I am posting pics of latest crochet venture:
Hope you enjoy!!!
(details of this collections to follow)

So there you have it - my very first attempt at an "ensemble"
What' s that? It's not what you were expecting?
Well to be's not what I would have expected for my first venture
in multiple matching pieces.
This "collection" evolved out of a conversation I was having one slow afternoon, with one of my favorite co-workers. The possibility of crocheting a thong had truly NEVER entered my mind until we had that conversation. Once the idea was suggested, the collection just sort of evolved on it's own. It was created over a long weekend and was presented proudly to my friend. She promptly turned beet red and slipped the pieces into her cubby until she went home for the day.
I did make her PROMISE to put the whole ensemble on for her husband - which by the way I believe she did. My understanding is that it got good reviews!!!!

Not too shabby eh?


The weather FINALLY warmed up a bit and when I say warmed up, I mean went from the temps in the 'teens to temps in the upper 30's and low 40's.
It is a banner heatwave I say!!!


I would like to send out a special SHOUT OUT to my friend Dani over at Life Induces thoughts, mostly random. She and her family are having one heck of a time!
I am thinking of her and if you have a second - please send her some hugs.
She most certainly needs them!!!!!


She may be getting big and growing up BUT she's still my "fur baby"!!!




mekate said...

crochet-ed thong
the word "granny"
nearly had me wet myself.
Love the ensemble, and am absolutely sure Jim will too.

Sort of a naughty dress up for the wintery months. LOVE it.

thanks for sharing!
my verification word? chongi.
which I think is perhaps the word for a transitional season thong.


Anonymous said...

Great job with the ensemble, but OMG I'm dying laughing! You are so creative. I needed that laugh, thank you MyFriend! And mekate's comment is cracking me up too!